Monday, March 10, 2014

Battle Scars" By Casey Montana Rogers

Battle Scars

Rockers In Recovery is proud to announce that "Battle Scars" has won the 2014 RIR Songwriters Contest. Casey Montana Rogers will open the 2014 RIR Music and Art Festival.   

Casey will also be joining us at several RIR Unplugged Events scheduled for 2014.We will also play and feature her song through the year. Casey Montana Rogers has proven our new theory at RIR,  You don't have to be a super star rock icon to write great music.

We have seen the results of people RIR worked with in the music industry here are some quotes: "THEIR A DIME A DOZEN" or "WE WILL NEVER SHARE A STAGE WITH THAT PERSON!! WE HAVE A MUSICAL REPUTATION TO UP HOLD ".

This went on for 2 years. RIR became musically about who was playing, not about the message. We lost sight of our platform of all inclusive. We lost great opportunities to work with some very inspired songwriters and musicians.

Egos can kill a good thing.  It's not about the BIG NAME performer. It's about the person who has the heart and soul to put the feelings on paper and turn it into a great song.  Casey Montana Rogers is one of those songwriters.   


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