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Pop Stars Continue To Glorify Molly Despite Deadly Consequences

Molly In Music
Music is often about rebellion, and many times pop stars purposely court controversy to get media attention. Madonna, Prince, and even Michael Jackson have released music or put on performances that sent the entire world buzzing. Major music icons like Elvis Presley played rock n. roll that was deemed dangerous and overly provocative. So it’s not surprising that the tradition of creating controversial music has continued with the new generation of pop stars. But the subject matter nowadays goes beyond just controversial to dangerous, by the musicians openly endorsing a drug called Molly that has proven to be fatal in many instances.
The Dangers Of Molly
Molly is the street name for MDMA, also known as Ecstasy. Recently, Molly has grown drastically in popularity, because of its use at music concerts and nightclubs. Marketed as a pure form of Ecstasy, it’s known for creating feelings of euphoria that greatly enhance the experience of being at a club. Ecstasy first became really popular during the Rave electronic music scene of the nineties, and seems to have recently experienced another resurgence. Molly has been in the news because of many people overdosing on it, such as:

  • Electronic music festival Electric Zoo having four Molly-related deaths
  • A 19-year old girl dying from a Molly overdose in Washington D.C.
  • Another female student overdosing in New Hampshire
  • Four people dying in one week in the Northeast due to overdose
The most dangerous part of Molly is that no one knows what they’re really putting in their body when taking Molly. Law enforcement officials claim that there really is no good batch of Molly and what is sold as Molly is often something completely different. The popularity of Molly is made worse by pop stars openly promoting the drug in their songs. Teenagers and even young adults are greatly influenced by pop-culture and the need to be thought of as cool. Pop stars are acting irresponsibly by continuing to promote the drug even after the increase of Molly-related deaths. Below is a list of some of the high-profile music stars who have chosen to glorify Molly.
Miley Cyrus
Currently the most high-profile of the Molly glorifiers is pop-star Miley Cyrus. In her song We Can’t Stop she sings that she’s dancing with Molly. Cyrus has gone on to say that she sings about Molly because she’s being authentic about what she does in her real life.

Kanye West
As if he wasn’t controversial enough Kanye West also raps about Molly in his song Mercy, where his lyrics include “Something about Mary, she gone off on that Molly.”

Rick Ross
Miami-based rapper Rick Ross finally had to deal with real repercussions over rapping about Molly. His lyrics are perhaps the worst out of any of these songs. He raps in U.E.O.N.O. “Put molly all in her champagne/ She ain't even know it/ I took her home and I enjoyed that/ She ain't even know it.” Due to the disgusting nature of these lyrics he lost a million dollar deal with Reebok. However, at least he apologized for the lyrics later.

Although Madonna is a living music legend, she also shows that it’s never too late to be irresponsible, when she namedropped Molly at a concert. Although she later denied the allegations and claims that she was simply talking about a person, she obviously was attempting to connect with the younger crowd by namedropping a popular club drug.

Molly continues to make an alarming amount of appearances in pop songs. Although pop stars may think they’re being cool and rebellious by singing about Molly, they are promoting a drug that is notorious for being impure. The rise of deaths and overdoses on Molly is proof that it isn’t cool anymore to glorify a potentially fatal drug.

Cindy Nichols is the founder of 411 Intervention, a full-service intervention resource that helps individuals with addiction issues find treatment solutions. You can see an interview with Cindy here on Recovery Now TV.

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