Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 30, 2013


As I write this letter and look back on this amazing year, it becomes clear that, with your help, Lighthouse Network is playing a significant role in one of the most important battles of our time: helping the hurting all over the country, who are suffering from addiction, to overcome the pain, grief and despair they live with-every single day.

As we come to the end of 2013, I am pleased to report that our Care Guides have received over 5,400 calls this year from young men and women, fathers and mothers, and even grandparents, who have come to the end of their ability to deal with addiction themselves. At Lighthouse Network, we guide people through life's storms, but we know that every action in life is similar to a raindrop in the ocean that creates ripples ... one action causes a reaction and the circle grows. These ripples go as far and wide as the ocean will allow, and the ripple effect has begun. We want to share some "ripple effect" stories with you, and illustrate how you are already part of this story...

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If you have a heart for hurting people and you would like to help those struggling with addiction and mental health challenges to get the Christian treatment they so desperately need, please click on the donate button below. This will take you to the donation page of the LN website. Your gift will change lives and impact families and help people find freedom from addiction through Christ.

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About Lighthouse Network:

Lighthouse Network is a Christian-based non-profit organization that offers a mental health and addiction referral program and Helpline that strives to equip people and organizations with the skills necessary to shine God's glory to the world, stand strong on a solid foundation in the storms of their own lives, and provide guidance and safety to others experiencing stormy times, thus impacting their lives, their families and the world.

Lighthouse Network offers help through two main service choices:
  • Lighthouse Addiction Helpline, a 24-hour free, national crisis call center, where specialists (Care Guides) help callers understand and access customized treatment options.

  • Life Growth and self-help training resources for daily life, including online and DVD series and training events to help individuals achieve their potential.

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