Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ken Seeley
Founder at Intervention911
Calling All Treatment Professionals ,

Intervention 911 is excited to announce two upcoming events:

Our next Intervention Training will be held in
Delray Beach Florida January 30-Febuary 1st 2014

We are proud to announce that this training has been approved by the Pennsylvania Certification Board and attendees will receive 28 CE hours specific to intervention that will qualify for the 80 CE hours required for the new Certified Intervention Professional (CIP).

Don’t miss the opportunity to be grandfathered in (NO TEST REQUIRED) and secure your CIP prior to April 1, 2014.
For more information please see the link below

Our Next Treatment Center Seminar
will be held at The Hardrock Hotel Palm Springs California
February 7- 8 Working With Difficult Clients
Sponsored by: Alere & Sovereign Health

This two-day seminar gives you the opportunity to reach out and explain to your colleagues what you do and what your facility is about – to meet, dine and socialize with like-minded professionals to learn from each other and – to grow our outreach together to reach more of those in need then just doing it alone.
For more information please see the link below
For further information on attending any of our events please email

Just a sneak peek at what we have going on in 2014:

Treatment Center Seminar 2014
Feb 7-8: Working With Difficult Clients
May 2-3: Dissecting The Family Systems
Aug 1-2: Aftercare: How Long & Best Practices
Nov 7-8: Marketing Strategies For A Changing Landscape

Intervention Training 2014
March 25-28: Atlanta
June 20-22: San Francisco
July 30- Aug 1: (TBD) Nashville- Memphis- DC
October 17-19: Palm Springs

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