Thursday, December 12, 2013

 Helpful Links Go Unnoticed

Good Morning Readers,

I was taking a look at all the helpful links we have on our blog and thought how often they go unnoticed.  So I would like to take some time and give you a chance to take a look at some of these wonderful resources. Today I chose one that is close to my heart. Addictions Victorious!

Addictions Victorious helped me to grow into the person I am today.  Whether your someone in addiction, enabler or co dependent you will be welcome at their meetings. I would imagine like any meeting you may have to visit more than one to find the place you feel most comfortable, although for me the first one was perfect. I was able to heal through sharing, encouragement, support and also most important, learned that our Savior Jesus Christ loves us regardless of our past and He is waiting with open arms for us to come home. In these meetings I found so much comfort in the stories, struggles and victories of others.  I am forever thankful to AV and also to those that shared those seats with me in the room down the hall.  I ask you to Visit the Link below and learn a little more about Addictions Victorious and I couldn't end this with out giving thanks to Dan and Rosemary Gavin. Thank you for your wonderful heart of service!

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