Monday, June 3, 2019

Addiction wellness and work

How addiction wellness transformed my work performance


"Once I finally abstained from drinking entirely, I became a much happier, fulfilled person and employee. My transformation was subtle at first, but remarkable. I had more clarity and purpose at work, and ultimately became a valuable member of the team. "

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Coaching data snapshot


There's nothing more important than knowing we're helping people improve their lives.

Loved ones & compassion fatigue


Our newest data drop covers the wellbeing of loved ones – family members who are directly impacted by someone's addiction. According to research, caregivers are at risk for higher rates of depression, worse health and lower levels of self-care than non-caregivers.

After two months of peer coaching, most loved ones report healthier routines, increased emotional satisfaction and improved rest.

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Ask a coach

Meghan Fitzgerald
 Peer coach

Q: What are some signs of teenage drug use?

A: It can be really challenging to recognize early signs of drug use, especially for parents of teenagers. Though they vary, I compiled a list of common, easy-to-spot symptoms. 

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