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The New Sobriety

June 18, 2019 • Vol. 6., No. 48
For Treatment Industry & Recovery Community
The origin story of AA
June 15, 2019 - One little-known aspect of the history of this enormously popular therapy, and a testament to the interdisciplinary nature of health and wellness, is the influence of the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung.
Newest Dr. Gabor Maté VIDEO
Dr Gabor Maté on lasting affects of childhood trauma VIDEO
June 10, 2019 - "Idiotic" ed. Rona Dougall on Scotland Tonight interviews Dr. Gabor Mate, physician, bestselling author and expert in childhood trauma, addiction and stress.
Mother shares photos of her ‘chaotic’ life when she downed a litre of vodka ‘for fun’
June 17, 2019 - Megan Montague, 31, from Kent, talks about her relationship with alcohol on her blog Sober Story, which millions of social drinkers in Britain will relate to. She also compares impactful pictures on her Instagram of her life as a drinker with her more wholesome sober lifestyle.
“While they were saying among themselves it cannot be done, it was done.” —Helen Keller
Executive Corner with Gary Stromberg
Gary Stromberg co-founded GIBSON & STROMBERG, a large and influential public relations firm of the sixties and seventies. The company represented such luminaries as The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Muhammad Ali, Barbra Streisand, Boyz II Men, Ray Charles, The Doors, Earth, Wind & Fire, Elton John, and Crosby, Stills, & Nash. He’s currently writing a fourth book, She’s Come Undone. He currently runs The BLACKBIRD Group, a small public relations firm in Marina del Rey, California.
Canadian edibles to be available for sale before X-Mas VIDEO
June 14, 2019 - For cannabis edibles, such as baked goods and beverages, a maximum of 10 mg of THC per package will be permitted. “Limiting the amount of THC to 10 mg. lowers the risk of a serious adverse
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Facing Addiction with NCADD in Bankruptcy Court
How Ketamine Opens a New Era for Depression Treatment
June 14, 2019 - Johnson & Johnson won approval for esketamine, a close cousin of ketamine, for patients with treatment-resistant depression, who make up one-third of the estimated 17.3 million Americans who have experienced depression.
Kate Middleton Channeled Princess Diana in Powerful Speech on Addiction
June 15, 2019 - The Duchess of Cambridge made her speech at the Action on Addiction gala dinner in London on Wednesday evening. The charity, which she’s a patron of, helps both people and families who have been affected by drugs and alcohol.
The New Sobriety
June 15, 2019 - No longer do you have to feel left out or uncool for being sober. You maybe don’t even have to completely stop drinking alcoholic beverages? This is according to a new generation of kinda-sorta temporary temperance crusaders...
‘Deaths of despair’ are taking more lives of millennial Americans than any generation
June 15, 2019 - But there are other structural factors at play, according to the report, namely the myriad financial problems millennials are facing: student loan debt, healthcare, childcare, and an expensive housing market...
My dad easily gave up his Marlboros. Now he won’t give up his Juul JUNE 16, 2019 - “It is such a relief to not be a smoker,” said Casper LaVito, 69. “It’s great. I can’t believe it. I still can’t believe it.” He typically vapes blueberry or strawberry knock-off Juul pods, as well as Juul’s 3% strength mint pods...
How opioids invaded America — and are tightening their grip
June 15, 2019 - There is no “typical” person affected by opiate addiction. It cuts across socioeconomics, age, race, ethnicity and geography. Victims are just as likely to have been raised in a loving, stable home as not, writes Harry Nelson in his new book, “The United States of Opioids, A Prescription for Liberating a Nation in Pain”...
Amanda Bynes Lawsuit Dismissed By Treatment Center Claiming She Did Not Pay
JUNE 12, 2019 - The actress was apparently sued by Creative Care Treatment Center for not paying for treatment she received earlier this year.
Luann: I was ‘self-absorbed’ during sobriety struggle
June 14, 2019 - De Lesseps, 54, had her issues with alcohol thrown into the spotlight when she was arrested in Palm Beach, Fla. on Christmas Eve 2017 following a drunken night when she allegedly attacked and threatened to kill a police officer.
Don't Forget the Meth NPR AUDIO
Federal Grants Restricted To Fighting Opioids Miss The MarkNPR AUDIO
June 13, 2019 - The federal government has doled out at least $2.4 billion in state grants since 2017, in hopes of stemming an opioid epidemic that killed 47,600 people in the U.S. in that year alone.
Priming the Pump VIDEO
Artie Lange’s latest dispatch from gas station VIDEO
May 19, 2019 - Pumping gas and reading Howard Sterns new book, which is great by the way. I read in 2004 Trump interview with me there. I’m reading about the POTUS when a guy yells at me “yo fill it with regular” lol, my crazy life!
Columbine survivor, addiction speaker died of drug overdose
June 13, 2019 - He became a nationally recognized addiction and recovery speaker after overcoming his own struggle with painkillers.
Santa Clara County DA will stop filing charges in most minor drug cases
June 13, 2019 - Prosecutors say the aim of the change is to keep one- and two-time offenders out of the court system, diverting them instead to drug treatment programs and reserving bandwidth for more serious addiction cases that cross over to become community nuisances or public-safety concerns.
“More than Addiction” new group offers support
June 15, 2019 -W.Va. “I lost my only brother, he would have been 26 today on June 14, to a heroin overdose the day after Christmas. I knew after his death I needed to do something. I wanted to do work that would somehow honor him and also help people who are struggling,” Hilliard said.
Sleeping with the TV on may make you gain weight
June 10, 2019 - Daily exposure to light and darkness helps maintain our 24-hour body clock, which regulates metabolism, sleep-promoting hormones, blood pressure, and other bodily functions. Mounting research suggests disrupting that typical sleep-wake cycle may contribute to poor health…
Judge rules withdrawal of Miami company’s claims would cause defendants to be ‘materially prejudiced’
June 14, 2019 - Kipu alleges that the owner of a South Florida drug treatment center and his sons, who own a software development and programing company coped Kipu’s EMR program through the defendants’ creation of “ZenCharts” all while the parties were working together through a software licensing agreement they had entered into.
Anxiety Is The New Depression
June 15, 2019 - Anxiety and depression together increases suicide risk. Each can be challenging, but combined they can put massive pressure on the foundations of our existence – relationships, work performance, physical health and happiness.
Men’s mental health - the five warning signs to look out for
June 16, 2019 - Here’s how to start those difficult conversations ... “Talking about feelings doesn’t have to be in an intense eye-to-eye environment,” says Chris O’Sullivan from the Mental Health Foundation, which found that only..
California Tests a Digital ‘Fire Alarm’ for Mental Distress
June 17, 2019 - Last winter, several dozen people who were struggling with suicidal urges and bouts of intense emotion opened their lives to a company called Mindstrong, in what has become a closely watched experiment in Silicon Valley.
Global Forum on Nicotine Asserts Urgency of Tobacco Harm Reduction
June 17, 2019 - Where else,” wondered tobacco harm reduction advocate David Sweanor, “do we permit a really deadly product, but try to restrict access to safer ones?”
Suicide-Stopping App Could Save Your Child’s Life
JUNE 17, 2019 - He played ping-pong with 28-year-old Justin and all seemed well. They had discussed the future; it seemed bright. But in the morning light, a friend called to say Justin was missing. Wright had a terrible feeling. “I think he’s dead,” he told his girlfriend, moments before arriving at his son’s apartment.
Local Governments Seek Negotiating Power in Lawsuit
June 14, 2019 - COLUMBUS, Ohio — Lawyers suing over the toll of opioids asked a judge Friday to allow a structure for all 25,000 municipal and county governments in the U.S. to be paid — if a settlement can be reached with companies that make and distribute powerful prescription painkillers.
Queens rehab program under investigation faces closure
June 15, 2019 - A spokesman for OASAS — which provided $4.3 million in funding last year — acknowledged both probes, but declined to comment further. The AG’s office would not comment.
She lost her brother to an opioid overdose. So she walked 2,575 miles VIDEO
JUNE 14, 2019 - Jessie Grieb lost her brother four years ago, June 15. He was yet another casualty of the nation’s opioid crisis. Her boyfriend died from heroin use. And she, too, has struggled with addiction since she was 17.
Beverly Hills says it is the first US city to ban tobacco sales
June 6, 2019 - Officials in the Los Angeles suburb known for glamour, celebrities and over-the-top wealth say they believe their ban is a first in the nation. “Somebody’s got to be first, so let it be us,” Mayor John Mirisch said.
What a Meth VIDEO
Florida doctor arrested after dispensing meth to patients VIDEO
June 17, 2019 - Lambert said McClean was also writing prescriptions “for medications that are not medically necessary and are also illegal.” She said undercover agents purchased “very large qualities of methamphetamine” from McClean. A receptionist ... said he was never there and just served his clients virtually.
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