Sunday, June 23, 2019

Burnout is Now A Diagnosis, And I'm Pretty Sure I Have It. 😩

Happy Friday everyone!

It's true.
Burnout is no officially considered a syndrome according to the World Health Organization.
Now I have an excuse to take an extra long vacation. (Just kidding!)

But seriously, it's Friday.

No more stressing, no more fretting. You made it through another week. Kick your feet up, enjoy another sober weekend and take a peek at what's been going on at Sober Nation.
1. Burnout is Real.

Burnout was once classified as a problem related to life management, however, just last week, the World Health Organization relabelled the syndrome as an “occupational phenomenon” to better describe that burnout is a work-related syndrome caused by chronic stress.

Think you have burnout? Check out the symptoms, here.
The Effect of Addiction on the Family
2. Say Hi to My Mom!

This week, we sat down with my Mom. Veronica and I were talking, and wanted to have someone on that's been affected by addiction firsthand. As the wife AND the mother of an alcoholic, my Mom has experienced the devastating affects of addiction and healed in her own way.

As the epitome of working her own program, my Mom has done a lot of healing within and shares what happened, and where she is now.,

Check out the video, here.
3. The Dangers of Excessive Alcohol Use

For some, alcohol abuse in its most severe form can have serious or even life-threatening effects. While a person may not be able to physically see the damage that is causes to the internal organs of the body – it can result in significant and often irreversible health problems.

Read up on the damaging effects, here.
4. Sobriety Engine Gets a Reboot!

We've taken Sobriety Engine to the next level. What used to be courses, has now evolved to a bundle, a daily motivation email, private Facebook group, and monthly video chats. And it's all for less than a Starbucks coffee. You're not going to want to miss this.

Learn more about the monthly membership, here.
Quote of the Week
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