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Will you unite with me?

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"Imagine not knowing where your child is, what they are doing or who they are with."
This was the constant havoc substance use had on my family when dealing with both my son’s and daughter’s drug and alcohol problems. The truth of the matter is, the horror of addiction affected everyone in our family in some form or another. I felt so very isolated dealing with my children’s substance use, even while being in recovery myself.

Often times, I knew I needed support but did not know where to turn or how to find it without feeling judged.

Our nation continues to face an epidemic that is taking the lives of our children, and stigma stands in the way of our progress. Center on Addiction | Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is working to unite communities to transform the way our nation addresses addiction. Help us end the silence and stigma that so many face. We need to treat addiction as a disease, not a moral failing.

Today, I share the journey of recovery with both of my children, thriving and united as one. Yes, we still have challenges, but because we decided as a family to recover, our lives have changed significantly. I am proud to be part of this great organization’s network of coaches. We support parents who are struggling with their child’s substance use by sharing firsthand experiences and unconditional understanding of a road we once traveled.

Join me in uniting with Center on Addiction | Partnership for Drug-Free Kids to lift the voices of those impacted by substance use. TOGETHER, we can make a difference for those who need us most and give the gift of hope.


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