Monday, June 3, 2019

❤ You helped reunite Michael with his daughter! 🙌

"I chose drugs over my daughter."
After spending 19 years hard at work on the railroad, Michael suffered a serious injury that left him on disability and with large amounts of free time that he failed to use wisely. A domino effect ensued that led to the alienation of those he loved most, especially his daughter Jameisha.
Michael embraces his daughter Jameisha for the first time in several months.
Jameshia’s persistence eventually fractured the facade of Michael’s selfishness and for the first time in years brought him face to face with the impact his absence had in her life.
“What really made me want to change was when my daughter broke down and started crying,” he said. “She was telling me how I hadn’t been there for her. I wouldn’t go to her birthdays. I didn’t go to her graduation. I missed her prom. I knew it was wrong, but I chose drugs over my daughter. I’m ashamed to tell you that, but it’s the truth.”
Jameisha talks with her father on a bench outside the Men's Center.
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