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Dear editor,

The holidays can be especially difficult for individuals and families impacted by addiction to drugs or alcohol. The attached releases from Council of Southeast Pennsylvania and PRO-ACT address:
The annual Tree of Hope dedication ceremony on Dec. 18, which is held to celebrate recovery from addiction, increase awareness about the disease and hope for recovery, and to raise funds for prevention, education and recovery support services.
The monthly Expanding Your Recovery Toolkit on Dec. 17, which will focus on How to Stay Sober Over the Holidays.
If you think your readers might benefit from more in-depth information on staying sober over the holidays, the impact of addiction on families at this time of year, sticking to New Year's resolutions to limit or give up alcohol or tobacco use, or similar topics, I would be happy to provide backgrounders and put you in touch with specialists at The Council/PRO-ACT who can provide insight and useful information.

Have a happy Thanksgiving — and thanks in advance for your consideration.



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