Sunday, November 24, 2013


Hi Joe: Below is the information that's on the back cover of my book. I've attached a copy of the cover.

You gave me a lot of extra hope today. Tell me if you'd like any further information, and if you'd like a complimentary review copy, let me know how you read -- Kindle, Nook or PDF. Here is the Amazon link:


Eight people escape decimated New York. They have only one thing in common: the alcoholic gene. The same genetic quirk that makes alcoholics and addicts susceptible to booze and drugs gives them a mysterious ability to evade detection by the undead.

But one gene in common isn’t enough to unite them. They’re a motley crew: A Botoxed Upper Eastsider; a drug dealer rescued from lockup; a resentful daughter of addicts; an insecure AA guy; a Japanese ex-dope fiend; an addicted Ivy Leaguer; and a Mexican immigrant. Dodging natural and unnatural disasters, drugged lunatics, and the living dead, they struggle to face their personal demons, accept one another, and find a new life. They think they’ve reached the end of their trek when they encounter a settlement that takes A.A. to fundamentalist extremes. They have to make a choice…one they may not survive.


2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter-Finalist.

“Michele Miller has had more lives than a cat, and they’ve made her a writer of passion and substance.” -- Lawrence Block, Edgar Award winner & New York Times bestselling author

“The prose was so taut and the premise so original that I kept turning pages…. This book deserves lots of accolades. Read it!!” -- Ashley Prentice Norton, author of The Chocolate Money

“It is very well-written and well-paced. The writing flows naturally and is not self-conscious. The dialogue is believable…. This is an engaging and entertaining read. Very well done.” – Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Expert Review.

Warm regards, Michele

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