Saturday, November 16, 2013


Hello , My name is Joseph and I would like to tell you about my Blog . It is my vision to develop a 50 state resource site .My Blog ( is the vechicle in which I will use to accomplish this task.My work has been two years in developing and my pupose is to make treatment easy too find , to educate and help others develop a solid recovery support system . No I am not a refferal service , I am just a guy in recovery trying too give back too those still out there. I also can be found on facebook .We have connected here and I would love too have you in the group ,based on your Professional skills and experience you might be able to help one of our many frequent visitors. If you have any upcoming events e-mail us at we will spread the word.  It is folks like you that make this world a better place.Sincerely Joseph God Bless

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