Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thoughts from the CEO's Desk
Greetings Friends, Colleagues, and Fellow Professionals,
Any time that I sit down to write, I am overcome with sincere gratitude for the opportunities that Hired Power has allowed myself and my team.  So first and foremost, thank you for trusting us as professionals and collaborators in transition treatment planning for those you serve.
With the summer winding down, that also means that conference season is gearing up.  August can be a great time for reflection, to keep things "right sized" and to put a plan in place for self-care.  In less than one month, the hustle and bustle of travel, attending conferences, speaking engagements, planning for the holidays and keeping our busy " plan can create burn-out.  We know that nothing is effective without taking care of ourselves first, after all that is what we preach daily, right?  And do we really do it?  
Today I challenge myself, my team, and each of you to set aside 10 minutes to write a list of the self-care items you are going to incorporate over the next 4 months. Let's document, let's share our thoughts and ideas.  Let's walk our talk and lead by example.  
After all, being available for the next family and/or individual that makes THAT call only happens if we are mentally, emotionally and physically present.  And that is the most important task we have in this profession.
In gratitude,
CEO, Hired Power

Simply, whatever we do, we strive to do "it" BEST...  
Benefits Of Alternative Sentencing
Mental illness is not a crime. Drug and alcohol addiction, which are the result of living with untreated substance use disorders, also are not crimes. Yet, our judicial system is setup to punishpeople who are in need of help instead of give them the help that they need so they no longer interfere with the law. Mental illness, of all kinds, changes the way the brain thinks. 
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HERE WE GROW! Please join us in sending Best Wishes  to our own David Luther as he moves on from Hired Power and the Addiction/Mental Health Treatment Field to pursue the next phase in his career!  As our Outreach Coordinator, David has been a fantastic employee and representative of the Hired Power brand.  His hard work ethic, fun personality, and intellect will undoubtedly open doors for years to come.  Thank you David!  
Study identifies quality measures linked to better outcomes in patients with opioid use disorders
With limited resources to treat and manage patients with opioid use disorders (OUDs), it is important to identify patient characteristics and treatment measures more likely to reduce overdoses and death. A NIDA funded study has identified certain process measures that are linked to lower mortality rates in people with opioid use disorders... 
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Future Destinations!  
August 24th - 26th
Park City, Utah
Polo in the Palisades
September 9, 2017
Palisades, California
Since it's inception 5 years ago, Hired Power has been a co-host of the Admissions & Marketing Symposium.  We are proud to continue our dedication to providing this top notch training opportunity for admissions, marketing and executive professionals.  See you there in October!
The International Recovery Institute (IRI) is a joint venture between Nanette Zumwalt and Dr. Judith Landau in an effort to raise the bar on professionalism with critical training and certification for supportive recovery services.  IRI began in 2015 and currently offer 3-4 national trainings annually. 2018 will mark the first international training event.
July 7th - Hired Power's CEO Nanette Zumwaltand Director of Program Development Brandi Bradbury enjoying a professionals visit, with dear friends and colleagues, to Evoke Wilderness Therapy Programs in St. George Utah
July 13th - Hired Power's CEO, Nanette Zumwalt presents at the 2017 Mississippi Opiate & Heroin Crisis Summit Family Forum 
Nanette with John Dowdy, Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics Director

Nanette with fellow professional speaker Daryl Strawberry at the MS Summit
July 21st - Hired Power's David Luther attends the First Adolescent and Young Adult Collective Conference in Malibu, California
July 25th - Hired Power's Outreach Coordinator, David Luther and Brandi Bradbury present at the 2017 ATCPCC conference in Newport Beach, California
Hired Power's CEO and NAATP Board Member, Nanette Zumwalt enjoying time at the Annual NAATP conference with Robbin Mooney, Outreach & Communications Liaison for Crossroads Centre Antigua
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