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Aug. 1, 2017 • Treatment Industry & Recovery Community News • Vol. 5., No. 1
“Our job is to love others, without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy." - Thomas Merton
The Needle and the Damage Done
Hooked and hustling heroin: A couple’s life in Kensington, Philadelphia
July 28, 2017 - “I’m king,” he says, in a pair of red-mirrored sunglasses. “I make the most money. I got the most clients. And I give the best runs.” That’s what Ray is — a runner. Every day, from early morning to late night, he sells “works” — clean syringes — at the foot of the El station in Kensington ... It’s a good day. They have get-well money — enough to buy their first fix in the morning, the one that staves off the early symptoms of withdrawal, the nausea, and the aches and pain. Together, they inject up to 30 bags of heroin a day.
Local Hero Exits, Goodbye Friend
Kevin Michael Key, advocate who found hope and sobriety on skid row, dies at 67
July 28, 2017 - A onetime criminal defense attorney who lost his career to a crack addiction, Kevin Michael Key found both ruin and redemption on skid row, a neighborhood he came to embody as one of its loudest and most persistent activists ... in 2002, Key got sober and found new life in activism. He joined the United Coalition East Prevention Project, worked as a liaison for the diabetes program at the JWCH Community Clinic, marched with the prison reform group Critical Resistance and served two terms on the Downtown Neighborhood Council. He prodded civic leaders to give skid row the same attention and amenities that other neighborhoods received. He preached the gospel of sobriety.
Saving People,
Not Just Savings Accounts
   Life or Death Matter of Ethics
July 28, 2017 - The problem is multi-faceted and includes “body brokering,” a practice in which people are paid to bring in new clients. Kickbacks involve providers receiving money to send patients to a particular facility, or excessive and unnecessary drug testing in order for labs to gain insurance payouts. Some “sober houses” are really just unlicensed and unregulated drug dens because there’s often a payout when patients cycle through rehab and these flophouses. All of this means people suffering from addiction are treated like commodities and aren’t getting the help they need. - BUT THE RAY OF LIGHT HERE IS THAT WE CAN CHANGE THIS!
Psychotherapy's Featured Interview
The Addict in All of Us: Dr. Gabor Maté’sUnflinching Vision  “Addiction is an attempt to solve a life problem. Only secondarily does it begin to act like a disease.”
July/August 2017 -” Perceptions of addicts as out-of-control gutter drunks and junkies were replaced by images of glamorous celebrities like Liza Minelli, Mary Tyler Moore, and Elizabeth Taylor as they checked in and out of Betty Ford ... With his mop of wayward curls, heavily hooded eyes, and the Mick Jagger-ish concavity of his thin frame, Maté is a striking figure on the workshop circuit as he challenges his audience to ask not what’s wrong with addiction, but what’s right with it. What is the addict getting from it that makes his addiction worth the price he pays? Why is the ameliorative quality of a behavior or a high so necessary for so many? If addicts can find peace and control only when they’re using, what agonizing discomfort must they feel when they’re not? … His TED talk on “The Power of Addiction and the Addiction of Power” has had almost 700,000 views. Dr. Maté is the author of In the Realm of Hungry Ghostsa bestseller about addictions.
Hooked Shot  VIDEO
Lamar Odom, who ‘shook hands with death,’ reveals details about his drug useVIDEO
July 27, 2017 -  He’s sober now, he wrote in a revealing story for The Players’ Tribune, but says it’s “an everyday struggle” to stay that way ... “At that point in my life, I was doing coke every day. Pretty much every second of free time I had. I couldn’t control it,” Odom wrote.
It's a Crisis, Everywhere
Governor Burgum, First Lady Focusing on Drug Addiction in North Dakota VIDEO
July 26, 2017 - Last year, 55 people died from drug overdoses. To save lives, North Dakota First Lady Kathryn Helgaas Burgum is encouraging those at risk for opioid overdose, their family and friends, and community businesses to get a prescription for naloxone.
Line Drive Up the Middle  VIDEO
Major League Baseball Has a Cocaine Problem VIDEO
July 28, 2017 - A rookie infielder arrived in the big leagues in 2012, and a few of his teammates decided to take him out to a nightclub after a game. Three veteran players - one of whom is a current MLB All-Star and two of whom played a combined 23 years in the league - joined him in a cab, and one pulled out a baggie of cocaine. They all did a few bumps, and when they got to the club, began cutting up lines and snorting them on the table.
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Addiction to Devices
FDA aims to cut nicotine in cigarettes, shift toward e-cigarettes
July 28, 2017 - The FDA’s move to consider reducing nicotine levels in cigarettes sent shares of major tobacco companies in the United States and UK plummeting in heavy trading volume, with the world’s biggest producers poised to lose about $60 billion of market value.
It Burns Both Ways
10 Facts Parents Need to Know About Adolescence and Marijuana
July 27, 2017 - With the nation turning the tide on legalizing marijuana, it’s important for parents to understand the essential facts about the drug and how it affects the growing mind and body. For parents with teenagers at home, here are the 10 facts you need to know about marijuana:
A Whole New Kind of Opiate Victim
Man ‘fatally shot Indiana doctor in the head because he wouldn’t prescribe his wife opioids’
July 28, 2017 - Jarvis allegedly became upset when Graham wouldn’t prescribe his wife opioid painkillers and then later returned to St Joseph Rehabilitation Institute in Mishawaka ... Jarvis shot Graham twice in the head before fleeing the scene and turning the gun on himself.
‘The Bachelor’ alum Britt Nilsson: I battled bulimia and alcoholism when competing for Chris Soules
July 27, 2017 - “For me, having tons of food everywhere ... it just became too much,” Britt said in a YouTube video she posted earlier this month. “I had pain and anxiety, I felt insecure, I didn’t feel pretty enough, I didn’t know what was going on, and I missed my seeing family.” 
CONTINUED @ RealityTVWorld 
Herculean Recovery VIDEO
From addict to real Ironman VIDEO
July 28, 2017 - At 50 years old, Todd Crandell is high on life. The extreme triathlete
took his first sip of alcohol at age 13. “For the next 13 years, I was a full-blown alcoholic, cocaine, heroin, crack ... anything I could get my hands on,” he said. “And I just figured I’d end up the way my mom did.” … “The first thing I did in my sobriety was go back to the one thing that was good in my life - and that was exercise,” ...
Officials Warn of Addiction Treatment Facility Scams VIDEO
July 28, 2017 - FLORIDA: “He was offered, ‘Hey we can get you a scholarship to go down to beachside and get treatment down there, how would you like that? We’ll pay to fly you down there, we’ll coordinate everything,’” Herring said ... “He advised me that Peter had died in their van, their company van the night before from an overdose,” ...
Donut Jump To Conclusions VIDEO
Is ‘overfat’ the new obesity? VIDEO
July 31, 2017 - Overfat is a term created to describe if you have a body fat level that can actually hurt your health. Even people who are considered “normal weight” or “non-obese” by traditional standards can fall into this category. The authors of the new study argue that BMI misses about fifty percent of the people who still have dangerous amounts of fat.
Food addiction: When eating becomes a destructive illness
July 28, 2017 - Group members start by admitting they suffer an addiction. Then they commit to abstaining from eating flour and sugar and an intensive, tailored daily support system follows ... They have all had moments when dignity, relationships and honesty were cast aside for their addiction.
CONTINUED @ HeraldSun 
Thank you readers
5 Year Anniversary Letter from Editor
OMG! We are celebrating the 5-year anniversary of the Addiction/Recovery eBulletin! 260 editions, over 7800 different articles, and more than 24,000 subscribers. When I was a Boy Scout growing up in Philadelphia, I learned the importance of always carrying a flashlight – it reveals that which is concealed, helps bring focus to the moment, and provides guidance when seeking a safe path. Every week your eBulletin shines a light on up to 32 of the most interesting articles and features concerning the world of addiction in all its manifestations, recovery in all its glory, the treatment arena in all 50 states, and the social ills, mental illnesses and corrupt behavior that have become characteristic of contemporary culture. We pledge to continue doing what we do, the best way we know how. Keep reading. 
Stick with the Winners
Ron Tannenbaum is a native Miamian, has 33 years of long-term recovery and has dedicated his life to helping make the recovery movement a positive, mainstream force in the world today. He's Co-Founder of
Q. If you are in recovery, what was your DOC and when did you discontinue its use?
A. Heroin
Q. Your current hobby? 
A. Cooking
Q. If you were giving a dinner party for your 3 favorite authors, Living or dead, who would they be? (you can choose 4 if you think one might be too drunk or stoned to attend.) 
A. Hemingway, Daniel Silva, Mario Puzo & James Clavel
Q. What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
AStay Humble
Life Saving Warden
Chicago giving departing inmates overdose-reversing drug
July 29, 2017 - Chicago now gives at-risk inmates the overdose-reversing drug naloxone upon their release from jail, and L.A. is poised to follow, putting the antidote in as many hands as possible as part of a multifaceted approach to combatting the nation’s opioid epidemic.
Dark Daze VIDEO 
Nashville mayor’s son dies of an overdoseVIDEO
July 31, 2017 - “Early this morning, we received news that no parents should ever have to hear. Our son Max suffered from an overdose and passed away,” they said Sunday ... A memorial will be held at the Belcourt Theatre, 2102 Belcourt Ave., Nashville, starting at 10:00am on Tuesday, August 1st.
Social Non-Distortion
Adventures in recovery: After many relapses, Chris Frederick found sobriety through music and community
July 28, 2017 - The 5th-annual HazelFest Music & Recovery Community Festival takes place on Aug. 5 at Hazelden in Center City. A celebration of help, hope, & healing to those affected by the disease of addiction … Chris recalls. “I fell out of a moving car. I woke up with her standing over me, scared to death, and my face looked like hamburger.”
The House Wins Again 
Methadone Clinic Operator Gets Prison Term In Pill Mill Case
JULY 27, 2017 - Rosalind Sugarmann, 62, was sentenced to more than a year in federal prison after being convicted of running a pill mill out of a methadone clinic ... she was a “greedy” businesswoman who defrauded Medicaid to feed a gambling habit.The judge sentenced her for her December guilty plea to health care fraud and illegally distributing the drug Suboxone, which can be used to wean addicts off heroin.
The War on Drugs
Philippine cops gun down mayor, arrest daughter in drug raid
July 30, 2017 - He was the third mayor to be killed under President Rodrigo Duterte’s bloody crackdown on drugs, which left more than 3,000 dead in reported gunfights with police and, criticized by Western governments and human rights groups.
Aircraft Builders Too?! VIDEO 
Factory owner says she has jobs but few sober applicants VIDEO
July 29, 2017 - An Ohio factory owner said Saturday that though she has blue-collar jobs available at her company, she struggles to fill positions because so many candidates fail drug tests - 4 out of 10 qualified applicants will fail a routine drug test.
4 Sale -
Professionals Only
Trilogy of Recovery Series DVDs
A Trilogy of Recovery offers counselors, facilitators and therapists the powerful medium of entertainment education - a leading-edge tool to help clients and patients address chemical dependency disorders negatively impacting their lives.
Respected Recovery Poster Girl 
Meth addiction ‘poster girl’ from Pekin dies at 55
July 28, 2017 - No one can know how many lives the before-and-after mugshot photos of Penny Wood-Rusterholz may have saved from destructive meth addiction. In the end, she knew that they saved hers and her family’s.
The Bu$inesss of Healing
Arizona Treatment Ethics Update: Better, Worse or the Same?
July 30, 2017 - We in Arizona have come a long way in recognizing these emerging ethical issues and dedicated professionals on all levels are getting involved in the discussion. The response to the ethics articles has been staggering. It has created a vigorous, ongoing dialogue...
Information is Invaluable 
‘No handbook for parents’ when it comes to drug addiction
July 30, 2017 - The parents are part of an organization called Moms Stop the Harm, which has grown from three mothers from the Island and Alberta in 2016 to hundreds of parents across the country. “There is no handbook for parents supporting a child with addictions,” said Howard.
It's Everywhere?
FIVE Reasons Alcohol Is More Dangerous Than Cocaine
July 30, 2017 - As kids, we heard messages about the grave perils of marijuana, cocaine and heroin. But in terms of damaged lives, the people I grew up with seem to have suffered more from alcohol than any other drug.
There's an App for That
Want to know about a ‘bad batch’ of heroin?VIDEO
July 18, 2017 - A group of Baltimore teenagers is working to tackle the heroin epidemic in the city. The text app is called “Bad Batch” and it aims to alert heroin users when a bad batch of heroin hits the streets. Alerts are collected by the city and EMS crews.
Jesus Christ
Louisiana judge forces first-time drug offenders to take Christian drug treatment course
July 31, 2017 - A municipal court judge in Louisiana with an apparently limited understanding of the U.S. Constitution is forcing first-time drug offenders seeking probation to attend a Christian program called “Life Choices” offered by a local church.
What Culture?
Special-ops troops’ drug, alcohol abuse prompts call for congressional review of ‘culture’
July 30, 2017 - Reports of rampant illicit drug abuse by special operators — while on deployment and at home — have prompted congressional lawmakers to call for an accountability review of the “culture” inside special operations units.
REEL Recovery Film Festival 2015 Highlight Reel
Start Making Sense
Want To Cut Overdose Deaths In Half? Try Listening To Recovery Advocates
July 28, 2017 - by John Shinholser.  For over 15 years, I have been explaining to my state substance abuse director and SAMHSA what we need. For 15 years, our addiction epidemic has only gotten worse. My 35 years in successful recovery teaches me that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity. I can only call this epidemic insane. SAMHSA and NASADAD simply are not designed for what America needs now.
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