Friday, August 4, 2017

August 3, 2017
Up to 50 % Off NAADAC's Pharmacotherapy: Integrating New Tools into Practice Independent Study Course in August - 15 CEs!
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NAADAC's Life-Long Learning Series Pharmacotherapy: Integrating New Tools into Practice Independent Study Course is designed to discuss pharmacotherapy in a way that challenges ideas and perceptions, and to present unbiased information that can be used to assess the best possible treatment for patients.

This educational program discusses the four facets of alcohol dependence and addiction (biological, psychological, social and spiritual), will discuss addiction as a disease and the scientific evidence to support this claim, will compare of FDA-approved pharmacotherapies for alcohol dependence, focus on overcoming treatment obstacles, apply strategies to match patients to the most appropriate therapy and plans to motivate patients in treatment.
The Pharmacotherapy Independent Study Course consists of:
  • 154-page Manual featuring lecture notes, talking points, exercises and role plays that focus on course themes, as well as tips for interacting with individual/family/couple/groups with visual aids, handouts and evaluation forms.
  • An Online Independent Study Exam that can be completed for 15 nationally-approved continuing education credits.
As a result of participating in this course, you'll be able to:
  • List barriers to taking pharmacotherapies and strategies to overcome these barriers.
  • Explore personal biases against addiction treatment with pharmacotherapies.
  • Describe how different addiction treatment modalities impact the disease process of alcohol dependence.
  • Recognize the differences between the four FDA-approved pharmacotherapies for alcohol dependence.
  • Identify at which stages treatment with pharmacotherapies for alcohol dependence is effective.
  • Apply knowledge of pharmacotherapies gained during this educational seminar through case studies.
  • Select which combinations of addiction treatment that may be most beneficial for particular patients.
  • Demonstrate skills learned during educational seminar when working with a pharmacotherapy prescriber.
  • Translate information during educational seminar to patients, families and colleagues.

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