Tuesday, August 29, 2017

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What started as a dinner conversation in 2012 about the need for quality training and collaboration for our admissions and marketing teams has developed into an event many treatment owners and executives are counting on to provide ethics, leadership, mentorship and collaboration for the front-line staff throughout the industry. 
As a program executive, an admissions and/or marketing representative you have the potential to change lives and heal generations of families. Every call or contact with a family is an opportunity to change families and save a life. That initial voice on the phone, be it a receptionist, intake person or community representative may be the only person the caller ever reaches out to. Our responses and communication with that person is vital. Raising the professionalism in our field with education, shared experience and communication of knowledge is essential to achieve success. 
Our hope is that no matter how long you have been in the field 10 years or 10 days there is something new for you to learn or share here today. It is our vision and the goal of so many of us together to transform our field into a shared mindset of abundance rather than divided in scarcity. To collaborate and connect professionals and families with the best treatment resource and therefore opportunity for healing available to them is the message we hope you carry back with you into your center and community. These opportunities may or may not always be within the centers we are representing, but by living in abundance and making the best referral for each and every family our field will continue to grow and save lives. If you are new to this field then you continue to be part of the most important people in this room. What character traits you nourish, skills you develop and new information you learn will benefit both your own personal and professional development as well as serve the potential growth of your center. We urge you to reach out in these rooms today and find mentors, colleagues with years of experience and attitudes of abundance. If you are those colleagues reach out to those who are newer and striving for excellence. Let's join in the spirit of abundance and share our knowledge and experience- changing the future lives of generations.
Admissions & Marketing Symposium
Admissions & Marketing Symposium | 21062 Brookhurst StreetSuite 201Huntington Beach, CA 92646
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