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Aug. 15, 2017 • Vol. 5., No. 3
Treatment Industry & Recovery Community News
"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked." - Allen Ginsberg
Drunk and Drunker
 1 in 8 Americans are alcoholics
August 9, 2017 - Experts at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism say that the rise could constitute a public health crisis that is being overshadowed by the opioid epidemic and marijuana legalization. During an 11 year gap, the number of people who received a diagnosis of alcoholism shot up by 49 percent, meaning 12.7 percent of the population - or roughly one in eight Americans - are alcoholics ... ‘Most important, the findings herein highlight the urgency of educating the public, policymakers and health care professionals about high-risk drinking and AUD, destigmatizing these conditions and encouraging those who cannot reduce their alcohol consumption on their own, despite substantial harm to themselves and others, to seek treatment.’   
Gabor Maté on Trump's Answer to Opioid Crisis VIDEO
Aug. 11, 2017 - President Trump says he’ll declare opioid overdoses a national emergency, physician and author Dr. Gabor Maté says an effective response would address the emotional pain and adverse conditions at the root of addiction. 
"How About One for my Classical CD Habit?"
A ‘Vaccine For Addiction’ Is No Simple Fix NPR AUDIO
August 10, 2017 - Researchers have been working on vaccines against addictive drugs, including nicotine, cocaine and heroin, for almost two decades ... These vaccines aren’t like the measles vaccine that you receive once or twice for a lifetime of immunity. Multiple shots per year would likely be required. So the strategy would only work in people who were actively trying to recover from a drug addiction. 
LONDON CALLING! Coming Soon...
Soho Recovery Centre: in the heart of London for 12-Step recovery meetings to take place
The mission of the Soho Recovery Centre is to open and maintain a space in Central London that can be used for meetings of 12 Step Fellowships such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Crystal Meth Anonymous, AlAnon and Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous etc. There are spaces like this across the world but London has no such dedicated facility.
Let it Be Like Noah's Ark
Sober Homes Task Force arrest two for patient brokering
Aug. 11, 2017 - Both men were stung by the same unidentified informant, a Lake Worth sober home operator who told task force officials that Cirio and Rodriguez paid him between $325 and $2,500 for each patient he sent them, a police report stated ... Two more drug treatment center owners were arrested Friday on multiple counts of patient brokering, bringing the total people arrested by the State Attorney’s Sober Homes Task Force to 32.  
Served in Sober Living Homes?
Study suggests energy drinks can lead to cocaine use VIDEO
Aug. 12, 2017 - ADOLESCENTS and young adults who consume too many energy drinks are much more likely to use cocaine and amphetamines later in life. A new study from the University of Maryland, published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, found that people who drank large volumes of the highly caffeinated beverages were also much more likely to develop alcoholism than their peers. 
The Fight of Our Lives
Faces of an Epidemic: Stories of the Victims of America’s Opioid Crisis — and the Fight to Save Lives
AUGUST 9, 2017 - “I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what we’ve been through,” their mother, Kim Freeman, tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue in a special report on the opioid crisis in America...One person dies of an overdose every 10 minutes.
Arrested Development VIDEO
Addiction recovery advocate speaks to inmates about drug abuse VIDEO
Aug 11, 2017 - Inmates received a visit from John Shinholser, a national recovery advocate who’s touring the country to spread his message. He says the current system is broken and discourages people from seeking the help they need to live a life free of drugs.
Money Can’t Buy You Love, or Sobriety
Trump Declares Opioid Crisis National Emergency VIDEO
August 10, 2017 - The opioid crisis is an emergency, and I’m saying officially, right now, it is an emergency,” Trump said at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. “It’s a national emergency. We’re going to spend a lot of time, a lot of effort and a lot of money on the opioid crisis.” Trump’s  announcement came two days after he vowed the U.S. would “win” the fight against the epidemic but stopped short of acting on the recommendation of the presidential opioid commission to “declare a national emergency.”
Wall Street Pays Docs to Addict You?
Doctors received more than $46M from drug companies marketing opioids 
August 9, 2017 - One in 12 doctors has received money from drug companies marketing prescription opioid medications,according to a study released Wednesday afternoon. Researchers at Boston Medical Center found that from 2013 to 2015, 68,177 doctors received more than $46 million in payments from drug companies pushing powerful painkillers. Researchers believe it is the first study to look at the practice of pharmaceutical companies marketing opioids to physicians.
New Mexico Saves Lives
Funding Goes to Treatment, Overdose-Reversal Drugs
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Most of the $9.5 million in federal funding being funneled to New Mexico to help with the fight against opioid and heroin abuse will be used to curb overdose deaths and on training aimed at getting more people into treatment. Starting this month, the funding will be used to buy more than 13,300 doses of overdose-reversal drugs and to launch training for community workers and medical provider...
Too Much, Too Many VIDEO
Nashville Mayor: My son died of a combination of several drugs, including two opioids VIDEO
Aug. 9, 2017 - Drugs found in Max Barry following his death were Xanax, marijuana and two opioids — liquid methodone and hydromorphone (Dilaudid,). The autopsy also showed that he had recently used cocaine. The toxicology findings confirm what the mayor called an “apparent overdose” immediately after his death. 
Alcohol abuse in U.S. increasing as researchers warn of ‘public health crisis’
August 9, 2017 - Over a 11-year period, researchers found increased alcohol use, abuse and disorders in all U.S. demographic groups, with higher instances among women, older adults, minorities and those with low levels of education and income. .. Dr. Grant said the problem is likely much larger, as people tend to under-report their drinking habits in studies where they are responsible for self-reporting. “A lot of people don’t like to talk about [drinking problems], and they just say they don’t have any problems or they don’t drink so much. But if these numbers are an underestimation, than they’re whomping,” she said. “The underestimation because of self report — if that is true — than these numbers are just the tip of the iceberg.” 
Too Young!
Russell Brand remembers Amy Winehouse six years after her death
August 9 2017 - Russell Brand has recalled the tribute he paid to Amy Winehouse in the days after her death. Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning at her home in Camden in 2011. He also calls for reforms in the way society treats addicts and draws on his own experiences.
Well, He's a Celebrity, Grab Away
Tom Wopat vows to address sobriety following indecent assault incident
Aug 8, 2017 - Veteran actor Tom Wopat is taking steps to tackle his “ongoing struggle with substance abuse” following his arrest for an alleged groping incident in Massachusetts. The Dukes of Hazzard star is facing felony charges for indecent assault and battery…
They're Never Wrong, Are They?
Are Doctors Wrong About Finishing Your Antibiotics?
Aug. 13, 2017 -  As we edge closer to our worst-case scenario, an important study may point to a simple solution that goes against everything doctors have been telling you.
Video Prozac
Odd Mom Out 
The sitcom lampoons snooty New Yorkers whose parenting skills are not enhanced by their wealth, in contrast with the comfortably off but un-posh Jill Weber (Jill Kargman) and her freewheeling, openhearted style. “This is not a mean-spirited show,” Kargman said  recently from New York.
Help Is Not
On the Way
Florida faces $20 million cut to services to combat opioid crisis
Aug. 8, 2017 - Several state legislators have said they were unaware until recently Florida lost $20.4 million in federal grant funding for substance abuse and mental health treatment.
Make Ibogaine legal for opiate addicts
My daughter was a $400.00 a day heroin/fentanyl user, using heroin for at least 4 years. When we almost lost her I decided to get angry. Angry at the drug that is ... The heroin epidemic is out of control and we need solutions!!! Here’s ours… 
Lock HIM Up
Jeff Sessions Wants to Fight Opioid Addiction by Criminalizing One of its Most Effective Treatments
August 4, 2017 - The attorney general’s war on medical marijuana could exacerbate a growing epidemic.
Pot NOT Percodan
Former NFL player on painkiller addiction: Marijuana a ‘godsend’ 
Aug 10, 2017 - “...he had decided many years ago that he would never - could never - live life as an openly gay man.”
Pipe Dream VIDEO
Vaccines for opioid addiction nowhere close to reality VIDEO
Aug. 11, 2017 - “It’s a long process, and it takes years,” said Dr. Ivan Montoya, acting director of the Division of Therapeutics and Medical Consequences at the National Institute on Drug Abuse. In fact, no vaccine for opioid addiction has been tested in humans.
Choose Life
Opioid Activists Are Going Rogue To Prove That Safe Injection Sites Save Lives
Aug. 10, 2017 - One of the most promising tools for combating opioid abuse has been passed over in the U.S. so far, but research surrounding an unsanctioned program suggests that it’s time for lawmakers to think again.
Operation Beware Operation
5 dead after FDA-approved obesity treatment...
August 12, 2017 - The Food and Drug Administration is investigating the sudden deaths of five people who had undergone an obesity treatment that places an inflated silicone balloon in their stomach ... One risk is spontaneous over-inflation. Symptoms include intense abdominal pain, swelling of the abdomen, difficulty breathing and vomiting. The other is acute pancreatitis. 
To Hill
and Back
Ant McPartlin breaks his silence: ‘Drug addiction almost killed me’
August 13, 2017 - He also revealed that he checked into rehab after being hospitalised following a binge on tramadol, morphine and alcohol. Getting the wake-up call that he so desperately needed, Ant continued: “It was five in the morning and I was screaming in pain so I rang Lisa [his wife]."
Time to Talk
As Opioid Crisis Grows in Orthodox Circles,Those Closest Speak Out
August 10, 2017 - “We used to hide everything we did — not keeping religious rules, partying, doing drugs — we hid that from the community, because we were ashamed, or because of negative feedback. Now, we’re showing our faces.”
Save the Children VIDEO
Kids saving kids from addictionVIDEO
AUGUST 12, 2017 - “Lions and tigers and bears oh my, drinking and smoking and drugs goodbye,” they chanted. It is a special moment as school district administrators and teachers looked on with excitement, hope and pride.They're fighting for survival of their young, refusing to let the opioid epidemic dictate how their story will end.
Thank You Readers
5 Year Anniversary Letter from Editor
OMG! We are celebrating the 5-year anniversary of the Addiction/Recovery eBulletin! 260 editions, over 7800 different articles, and more than 24,000 subscribers. When I was a Boy Scout growing up in Philadelphia, I learned the importance of always carrying a flashlight – it reveals that which is concealed, helps bring focus to the moment, and provides guidance when seeking a safe path. Every week your eBulletin shines a light on up to 32 of the most interesting articles and features concerning the world of addiction in all its manifestations, recovery in all its glory...
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is a social, educational, networking and recovery forum showcasing first-time filmmakers and experienced professionals who make films about addiction and recovery. Our audience is treatment professionals, people in recovery, members of the entertainment industry, media representatives, educated moviegoers & the general public.

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New York Times Book Review
A Wealthy Family’s Battle With Drugs Laid Bare
August 11, 2017 -LONDON — In July 2012, the Swedish billionaire Hans Kristian Rausingwas driving erratically when he was stopped by the police in South London. The officers discovered a still-warm crack pipe in the back of the car and then asked about the whereabouts of his wife, the American socialite Eva Rausing. Mr. Rausing replied: “California.”
Later that day, the police searched the couple’s five-story mansion in London’s glittering Chelsea neighborhood. When they inspected the second-floor bedroom, they discovered the 48-year-old Eva’s body buried under a pile of blankets, her hand still holding a silver foil and wire wool used to smoke crack cocaine, according to “Mayhem,” a new memoir by Mr. Rausing’s sister Sigrid Rausing. Eva had been dead two months, killed by cocaine intoxication and a heart condition.
“The bedroom contained the addiction; the rest of the house felt..
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