Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hitler with morphine addict Hermann Goering. 

As compiled by American intelligence officials, a World War II dossier has revealed that Adolph Hitler regularly took powerful injections of crystal methamphetamine. Beyond the abuse of the illegal stimulant, the 47-page account counted an additional 74 different medications taken by the Nazi dictator. The report has been exposed in a Channel 4 British documentary called Hitler’s Hidden Drug Habit that will air this Sunday October 19th.

Although the intelligence records laid bare the history of Hitler’s extensive drug abuse, they also dispelled the enduring myth that the dictator only had one testicle. The famous singsong joke, “Hitler has only got one ball – the other is in the Albert Hall” was a widespread British morale-booster during the Second World War. The report of Hitler not being a monorchid, the medical term for being born with one testicle, is based on interviews with Hitler’s physician Dr. Theodor Morell. An entry from November 1945 based on Dr. Morell’s medical records said: “His sexual organs showed no indication of abnormality.”

According to the documentary, it is believed that Hitler took crystal meth before meeting with Italian leader Benito Mussolini in the summer of 1943. Before Hitler left to confront Italy's declining dictator, Dr. Morell wrote in his diary: “Fuehrer…Looking very pale and exceptionally jumpy: facing a vital conference with the Duce in Italy tomorrow.” During that notorious meeting, a sickly and stressed-out Fuhrer, high on crystal meth, is reported to have ranted and raved for two straight hours at his distressed Fascist ally.

Known as "Reichsmaster of injections" by the Nazis, Dr. Morell prescribed Hitler a motley array of prescription drugs. Despite complaints from his inner circle, Hitler made Dr. Morell his personal physician. It is believed the methamphetamine Hitler abused might have contributed to negative impressions of the Fuhrer by his top generals as the war progressed. One of those generals, Heinz Guderian, described the Fuhrer’s amphetamine-like side effects when he wrote that, “It was no longer his left hand but the whole of his left side of his body that trembled...He walked awkwardly, stooped more than ever and his gestures were both jerky and slow.” 

An excessive hypochondriac, Hitler reportedly received nine injections of a drug called Vitamultin that contained methamphetamine during his final days in his Berlin bunker. Dr. Morell also gave Hitler barbiturate tranquilizers for insomnia, morphine for headaches, and bulls’ semen to boost his testosterone and sexual performance. Bill Panagopoulos, an American collector who discovered the dossier, clearly stated, “Morell was a quack and a fraud and a snake oil salesman…He should not have been practicing medicine anywhere outside a veterinary clinic.”

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