Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Fix: Addiction and Recovery, Straight Up
Best of the Week:
October 18–24
COMING UP IN THE FIX// Recovery on the Small Screen in New Sitcom "Mom" *Daniel Genis on Legal but Deadly K2 * The Hypocrisy of Smoking * Tales from a Relapser's Bed * Two Bipolar Chicks: Guide to Survival * Ask an Expert: How Can I Survive My Son's Death? * PLUS: Other incisive articles
Q&A// The David Sheff Solution
Author David Sheff on the stigma of addiction, the concept of rock bottom, the rise of video game addiction, and how to help the most vulnerable among us, in The Fix Q&A.
By John Lavitt
SAVING LIVES// A Time-Out for Death
Free Narcan kits give hope to parents in Staten Island OD epidemic.
By Neville Elder
AND AGAIN// Substituting Addictions
Many people will substitute one addiction for another during or after the recovery process from their original addiction. Are these people destined to become addicts for life, battling a never-ending cycle of recovery and relapse?
By Jeanene Swanson
TIME UP// Finally Free: Sobriety After 21 Years in Prison
Longtime Fix columnist Seth Ferranti is out of prison and writing from a halfway house.
By Seth Ferranti
SLIDESHOW// 15 Reality Stars Busted For Drugs
These reality stars are addicted to the spotlight... and maybe more.
By McCarton Ackerman

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