Thursday, October 16, 2014

Do you have a favorite book that helped you with especially pertaining to being an addict's mom? Did you write a book on addiction? Would you like to share a page from the book with us? Or just share your story. Sharing is so powerful!

Tomorrow Night October 16th on The Addict’s Mom Live Video Online Meeting on In the Rooms at7:00pm EST we will be sharing pages, poems and stories from our fav...orite books.

If you would like to share please pm me. Please include your phone number.

To join us create an account if you do not have one sign up or if you do sign in for f.ree at Please use Google Chrome of Firefox. Log in Tomorrow Night at 6:55pm EST. You will see a link to go to the Addict’s Mom, click on the link and you will be in the meeting. Please check your settings to make sure you are not muted.

Remember you can remain anonymous or not.

Much love to all Addict’s Moms and their families.

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