Friday, February 28, 2014


In the end, people appreciate honest criticism
far more than flattery.

STEP 9 - We made direct amends to such people except when to do so would injure them or others.

Think back to the time you went to the mall with your best friend. You know , that friend who knows everything about you .You and your best friend are having a great day shopping when all of sudden your friend has got to go to the bathroom . Ten minutes later your friend comes strolling out of the bathroom and attached to the bottom of there shoe is a six foot trail of dirty toilet paper . WHAT DO YOU DO ? I don't have the heart to tell them because I don't want to embarrass them . So I say nothing and that is just as bad as lieing to them. As we travel through the mall I can see everyone staring at my friend and I still say nothing , then out of nowhere a total stranger yells to my friend YO , YOU GOT TOILET PAPER STUCK ON YOUR SHOE ! Immediately your friend turns to you and gives you that look and you know . Then the questions come why didn't you tell me . Then the shock wears off then comes the disappointment .The sad part about this story is it happens everyday though the circumstances can be different. When I was caught up in addiction all I could do was lie about everything and to everyone. When we finally get sober we have to train ourselves to tell the truth at all times in every situation we need to speak up to our friends before someone else tells them . Not saying something can sometimes injure your friends and family more .

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