Saturday, February 15, 2014


Plans go wrong for lack of advice;
many advisers bring success.

 STEP 12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, I will try to carry this message to others and I will try to practice these principles in all of my affairs.

That is what I would like Recovery Connections to be known for. A safe place for someone to go to , to get the answers , love , support and respect they deserve. We are not addicts we are brothers and sisters in need of some love and guidance. Every single member of this group when visiting the site should feel a sense of purpose , acceptance , and the freedom to share their hearts and struggles. Step twelve for me is a lifestyle and I love each and everyone of my brothers and sisters in recovery. When I was out there lost in that sea of addiction the one thing I searched for most was love and acceptance. Drugs and alcohol lied to me and tried to destroy and kill me.Only by Gods grace I managed to escape. It was those who felt that sense of gratitude from receiving that same Grace who reached out to me and helped me find my way. All of us like the Proverb says must band together as one to save some. Thank you to each and every member of Recovery Connections you truly are the Heroes in recovery.

Jesus said I am the truth the life the way no one comes unto the Father except through me.

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