Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Women and Girls Help Advance Science and Inspire Others

NIDA for Teens: Advancing Addiction Science

Celebrate Women and Girls in Science and Help All Students Find Scientific Inspiration

Did you know that only about two of every five full-time scientists and engineers in the United States are women? This week, we celebrate the achievements of women and girls in science, including some of our own recent female Addiction Science Award winners, who make up more than half—10 out of 17—of the winners from the past 5 years. Our top winners in 2018 were two young women from Utah who used artificial intelligence to determine that some opioid overdose deaths in their state might have been suicides.

The work of women and girls in science matters. And NIDA has resources to help all of your students get excited about science. Every May, the Addiction Science Award is given to three outstanding projects on the topic of addiction science during the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), the world’s largest science competition for high school students. The ISEF gives students a chance to direct their own learning by doing. It’s the perfect platform to support and showcase the value of science and project-based learning for future academic success.

As we have kept in touch with the award winners over time, we’ve learned that even if these young people don’t enter the scientific field as part of their career, simply learning about the scientific process has helped them find success in many other types of careers.

Encouraging students to participate and getting them excited about the work ahead begins with a project that is stimulating and evidence-based. Our Addiction Science Award Teacher’s Guide can help you guide students toward ideas that allow them to choose a project that inspires them.
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