Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Critic, The Rebel, & The Addict: Tame Your Negative Inner Voices

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The Clearing
The Clearing
Residential Rehab, San Juan Island WA
The Clearing is unlike any other addiction program in the country. Our approach is designed to heal the underlying core issues that cause addiction.
Most of us are familiar with the image of the “shoulder angel” and “shoulder devil” each competing for our will. Each whispers in one ear....”that piece of cake looks delicious, you deserve to eat it!”...“Don’t do it, you’ll regret it later!”
But where do they come from, and what’s their function?
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A new “Gold Standard” study from Stanford University and New York University researchers indicates that deactivating Facebook can have positive effects on one’s mental health. 
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A 12 Step program takes its cues from Alcoholics Anonymous. It acknowledges that you’re powerless over your addiction. Moreover, it encourages you to call on a higher power for assistance. If you have a difficult time with one or more of these concepts, non 12 Step treatment centers may be a better option.
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non 12 step treatment centers
Alcohol-related liver damage used to be associated with older men but new statistics suggest that the disease is now increasingly affecting younger people.
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Some say that the spouse is the last to know. When looking for signs of alcoholism, this might be true. Hiding an alcohol addiction is easy when you consider that society accepts openly drinking. If you believe your spouse may have a drinking problem, what should you be looking for?
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Is Your Spouse Exhibiting Signs of Alcoholism
Often the person who contacts the treatment center isn’t the one suffering from substance abuse, but their distraught spouse, parent, sibling, or good friend.  As a spouse or loved one of the person struggling, there are some important things you need to know to help you get through this trying time and keep your sanity. You also need to know how to offer the right type of support to your loved one.
What You Will Learn:
  • How to know if someone you love is addicted
  • Reality Check - the good news and bad news about addiction
  • Some dos and don'ts for supporting your loved one
  • Treatment options and resources 
Join our growing Facebook group called “Healing Underlying Core Issues.” You'll be part of a community who support and empower one another who are struggling with similar issues - alcohol or substance abuse, depression, anxiety, trauma or other mental health condition. We'll also provide additional resources in this group to help you address and heal the underlying core issues causing your addiction or emotional pain.
Facebook Recovery Support Group
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trailtracksIf you or someone you know needs treatment, what better time to start than right now? Our next 28-days session begins on February 17th. Call us at (425) 381-2316 today to reserve a spot or just ask questions. We’re here to help.
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