Friday, February 8, 2019

Wellness in the workplace

Happy Birthday Aquarius!

Those born from February 1st through February 18th are members of the Aquarius zodiac sign. Aquarius can be identified by their unique style and flowing personalities. People born February 19th through February 28th/29th, are under the influence of the Pisces sign. This sign is also governed by the planet Uranus, which influences the Aquarians’ desire for uniqueness, originality, humanity, and innovation. For more information and to read your horoscope…click here.
Healing with Animal Assisted Therapy

Dr. Blair Barone-Rice has been working in the field of addiction treatment for over 30 years. She integrates horses from The Lucky Horse Sanctuary, as well as many other rehabilitated animals, into group therapy so that our clients can gain insight and improve their overall mental and physical well being. We offer this program at Banyan Boca Raton and we see that our clients are happier and more relaxed after each session. View video below.
Ancillary Services - Equine Therapy with Doctor Blair and Libby
Banyan Representative and Recovery Speaker, Brandon Novak, is featured on Dr. Drew's podcast this month. Hear the real and raw interview as Brandon celebrates nearly 4 years of continuous sobriety. Click here.
As more and more people discover the benefits of yoga, the 3,000-year-old practice is increasingly finding its way into the workplace. In fact, the demand for corporate yoga has created whole squadrons of yoga teachers who specialize in office settings. The benefits of providing yoga and other mindfulness activities during lunch-hours or breaks are probably obvious to anybody who already does yoga, but a lot of them are backed up by research. If you're considering bringing yoga into your business — or trying to talk your boss into providing classes — knowing about these benefits might pave the way for future yoga sessions! Click here for more information from Livestrong’s blog on What Are the Benefits of Yoga in the Workplace?
If You’re An Optimist, It Could Help You Live Longer...

According to a study from Duke University Medical Center, heart patients who were more optimistic about their treatment, actually lived longer than those who were more pessimistic in their mindsets. Also, according to findings of a study published in the European Heart Journal, people who are optimistic have less chance of suffering from heart disease.
Throughout the month of February, we encourage your Human Resource Department to write positive affirmations on hearts and post them in an area that is visible to all staff, such as a lounge or cafeteria. Each heart (simply cut out on multi-colored construction paper) should have a message written on it, like: "You are amazing," "Keep up the good work," "You are brilliant," and so on. These daily affirmations reinforce positivity and keep employees’ spirits up. It's a great tie-in to February, the month of love, and boosts company morale. It's creative, easy to do, and the staff will appreciate it. It's a spin on the "self-love" challenge where you write daily affirmations to yourself, with phrases including, "I am smart," and "I am enough," but now we open it to everyone and continue the same concept in the workplace.
1 in 5 adults in the US suffer from mental health disorders and substance use disorders. Interested in learning about the effects of addiction in the workplace and how Banyan Treatment Centers can help?

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