Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Get clean and sober this spring

Hi Joseph,

We're excited that winter's almost over, and spring typically represents new beginnings. What better way to welcome this new beginning than to free yourself from depression, anxiety, alcohol or substance abuse.

We'd like to help you achieve this by inviting you to our next 28-day transformational program starting this Sunday, March 3rd. We are located on a 43-acre secluded estate on San Juan Island WA, offering the privacy you need to focus on your healing.

Our Program is different from other rehabs in the following ways:

1. Our focus on healing underlying core issues
2. Small cohorts of 10 begin and end each session together
3. Approximately 120 hours of uniquely individual counseling
4. Compassionate, safe, supportive and respectful environment
5. A profound, evidence-based, transformative teaching program

Over 80% of our graduates report being free of their addiction. Here's what one of our recent graduates had to say about our Program:

"The Clearing is life changing. To have the tools in place to heal underlying issues has been the best thing to ever happen to me. The counseling staff, the environment, the safety and comfort of living in the farm house, excellent meals, excellent fellowship of participants, all contributed to the unbelievable results from the program. Very well organized and directed." - B.A.

You can read other inspirational stories from our graduates here.

Our next program begins on Sunday, March 3rd. Bring an open mind, an open heart, and your desire to change. We’ll take care of the rest. Call us at 425-409-2924 to discuss your specific situation.
With love and support in your recovery,

 Joe Koelzer
 The Clearing 
 (425) 409-2924 

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