Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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Reclaim men from addiction 
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Restore them to productive service

"I'm Talking to You"

Earlier this month, I went on a mission trip...not to Africa or South America or any foreign country, but to a leadership conference at a nearby Christian university. 

In case you're not aware, in my new position at His Way as Director of Ministry, I am focused on sharing what we have learned about Christ-centered recovery with mission-minded Christians throughout the country and the world. We have a model at His Way that ensures every resident that comes through our doors hears the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. And, I've had a front row seat watching that message radically change the lives of men and families. 

Having spent 22 years in Christ-centered recovery ministry, I have seen the problem grow from a personal tragedy to a world-wide epidemic.  This past year, over 64,000 young people in America died of overdose, which is more than we lost in the 19 year Vietnam conflict!  For the first year in the U.S., deaths from drugs and alcohol exceeded traffic fatalities! I am convinced that only Jesus can offer the answer to this problem.

Jesus concluded His ministry with the challenge that what we do for the least of these my brothers we do for Him (Matthew 25:40). Simply put, we want to help and equip more Christians respond to this crisis in our own backyards in a powerful and personal way.

Last week was my first mission trip just over 100 miles away in Henderson, Tennessee. I have many more planned. I'll be attending conferences, visiting churches, and talking to Christians throughout the world about how together we can accept this challenge and make an impact. In the coming months and years, our vision is to see more churches start recovery ministries, more small groups reach out and help those overcoming addiction, and even more organizations begin residential recovery programs like His Way.

Please join me in praying that God will use us to extend Christ-centered recovery ministry throughout the world and bring hope to those struggling with addiction. Remember that God sent Jesus  to save the world!

Let us keep pursuing His vision!
Tom Reynolds is His Way's Director of Ministry & Chairman of the Board. If your church or small group is interested in reaching out to those fighting drug and alcohol addiction, please Email Tom or call (256) 859-7377.
His Way Works!

An important component of His Way's recovery program is helping all our residents find full-time employment. With over 40 men in our program, this can be challenging at times. 
His Way Residents Make Great Employees!
If you know of a business or company in need of guaranteed on-time, drug-free workers, we can help! Many His Way residents are highly skilled with experience ranging from construction to manufacturing to sales to retail. For information on interviewing or hiring a His Way resident, contact us at    
With 4 Locations of The Saving Way Thrift Store, we can use your donations of clothes, furniture, books, tools, and household items more than ever. Call (256) 503-4404 to have your tax-deductible donation picked up or visit TSW Pick-UP
Speaking Up

The opioid crisis in our country is reaching epidemic proportions. Families, schools, businesses, and even our government are searching for answers. Our staff, residents, and graduates are available to speak to your church, school, or business about this crisis and how it's impacting our community. And in 2019, we'll be rolling out special education and awareness programs for schools and families. E-mail us to learn more!

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