Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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Back 2 School Never Felt so Good! Did you know that Inspirations offers a full academy to our teens?

Find out more about what's going on at Inspirations below!
What if we told you that your Teen Will Love Coming Here?
Watch Inspirations Alumni Talk About How Inspirations Affected His Life!

If your child has been battling drug abuse and has become too dangerous to handle, it is important to take action immediately. Substance Abuse it a tough thing to deal with and typically time only makes it worse. If you wait you are risking your teens life. Contact us today for help!

Let us open a world of peace of mind you only dreamed of...

Inspirations for Youth and Families,
Your Trusted Partner in Teen Residential Rehab.

This is the Inspirations Academy!

Now, you can not only get your teen the treatment they need, but make sure that they are continuing their education in the process! Madison came to Inspirations and graduated high school under our care!
Former Teen Addict Becomes Successful Photographer After Rehab

"If I didn't go to Inspirations, I would honestly be dead right now," said Monica, an Inspirations Alumni.

While battling an addiction to prescription pills, Monica, a Canadian native, got caught up with the wrong crowd and...

Parents Should Know about the Dangers of Underage Drinking

Have you allowed your teen to drink a little wine or beer with you before?

Underage drinking has become a rite of passage in many families.While it may seem harmless, underage drinking can lead to traffic-related accidents, academic failure and more.

How Rehab can Improve Your Addicted Teen's Academics

Often times, when a teen battles addiction, parents are concerned about both their child's well-being and their academic future. 

Placing your child in a residential rehab with an effective educational program is vital in getting your child sober and back on track, academically. 

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