Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Being ‘In Recovery’: What Does It Actually Mean?

by Pat A., Parent & Clinician
Mom and son hugging
I have the privilege of hosting a support group for the most amazing, strong and resilient families I’ve ever met. In an atmosphere where vulnerability, tears and laughter prevail, we discuss what’s working and what could be better. While individual situations run the gamut from worry about problematic use of substances to those with kids who have significant co-occurring issues, as well as legal and financial issues, many participants have children in “recovery.” I’ve placed quotes around the word because each family sees recovery in a different way, as they shared in our most recent meeting.

There seems to be a typical progression where families initially struggle to figure out how to get their son or daughter into treatment. Once treatment is completed, whether inpatient or outpatient, the hope is that life will get back to “normal.” Recovery can be synonymous with total abstinence, but not always. Read what recovery looks like at the moment for this group of families and their children:
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