Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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Hartman played guitar for a few years as a kid, but she gave it up when self-doubt became overwhelming. In 2014, Hartman entered treatment at Retreat at Lancaster County in Ephrata for drug and alcohol addiction. There, a music therapist encouraged her to pick up the instrument again..

Do you experience a lump in your throat or get chills, while you are listening to a good song? If so, you are actually special.

Class of 2013 - RIR All Star Band - Train Kept A-Rollin'
9AM(EST) September 24-28, 2018

Topic For The Week - Treating Others With Respect

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9AM(EST) Monday-Friday - Radio Talk Show Host John Hollis Waking Up Blessed Radio Show. Starting Our Day With Inspirational Stories of Experience, Strength, and Hope. Featuring Topics, Special Guests, Music, News, Events, and Festivals taking place within and not limited to the clean and sober community.

Alison Tarlow on Waking Up Blessed Radio Show. Starting Our Day With Inspirational Stories of Experience, Strength, and Hope.

Kathryn Ann - Broward County 2018 Recovery Person of the Year on Waking Up Bless Radio Show.

Lori Sullivan, RIR Co-Founder
Sober and Clean Since 09/14/99
Since having been diagnosis with Her2 Positive Left Breast Cancer on April 6, 2018 that has also spread into her lymph nodes under her left armpit. Lori has with dignity and grace, through her long term recovery of 19 years (09/14/99), been able to walk through the most horrific circumstances. READ MORE
Mac Miller made his personal
struggles the centre of his music
American rapper and music producer Mac Miller’s death was announced on 7 September. The entire music industry and his fans are still reeling from the loss. Miller, who reportedly died of an accidental drug overdose, was just 26. READ MORE
Rivers of vodka and rape:
The dark history of the Backstreet Boys
In 2018, the Backstreet Boys celebrated their 25th year in the music industry. You'd be forgiven for thinking the band has long since disbanded and been absorbed into the collective memories of nineties tweens, long since grown up. READ MORE
Since 2008 Rockers In Recovery® Where Recovery Education Information and Rock-N-Roll Come Together.

Dopamine and Addiction
By John Giordano

Addiction Education & Awareness Concept Through Music Is Working.

I remember sitting at the end of my active addiction listening to this song and thinking God this is me,
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Get to know Michael Demasi by calling 

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SoberMap™ Beta has been released for AA in South Florida but can be accessed anywhere throughout North America. It was built to support the recovery community find meetings at anytime of the day in the closest proximity to the App user.

Rockers In Recovery®
RIR Founders Lori Welch Sullivan and John Hollis.

Over The Past Decade Rockers In Recovery Has Gone On To Produce 29 Full Music Productions, with Over 2000 Combined Live Streams and Live Radio Productions.

Through RIR, Thousands of Recovery Connections Have Been Made Between RIR Followers and Supporters. Which In-turn, Has Gone On To Help Many Of Thousands Get Help With Drug Addiction and Alcoholism.

Feel Free At Anytime To Contact RIR (800) 892-2603. - Pic From 2018
We Are Not A Treatment Program or Advocacy Group – Since 2008 our sole purpose is to provide prevention and education awareness to anyone who suffers with drug addiction and alcoholism. We do this through our online media platforms using music, news, events, and festivals taking place within and not limited to the clean and sober community.

Rockers In Recovery® (RIR) – Addiction Recovery Based News & Media; Community Outreach Development, Digital Media Branding, Social Media Content Distribution, Live Music Events, Live Stream Productions, Meet and Greet Event Production. Local, Regional, and National Branding and Advertising, and Social Media Content Developing for our CORPORATE and RECOVERY MEDIA PARTNERS..

DISCLAIMER – Our Website, Radio Shows, Posts, Live-Stream Productions and Press Releases are based on opinion. They are not meant to treat or diagnose any health or mental health issue of any kind. If you feel you need help for any health related issues please contact a physician or a mental health professional. If you have a medical Emergency Call 911 or go to your local hospital.


Feel Free At Anytime To Contact RIR (800) 892-2603.
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