Wednesday, April 18, 2018

April 18 ,2018 Twelve Stepping With Spiritual Support From Scripture

Psalm 143 v 3 - My enemy has chased me.He has knocked me to the ground and forces me to live in darkness like those in the grave.(GODS BIG BOOK)

STEP 1 -We admitted we were powerless over our addictions and dysfunctional- behaviors, that our lives had become unmanageable.

Are we really Powerless ! Could it be ,powerless is a defeated mindset putting us under before we even get started ! Coming out or escaping the horrors of addiction is hard enough without putting a powerless, diseased,and unable to defeat label ,mindset, and attitude from jump. My thinking was and is ,I have a disease ,I will never beat addiction so whats the point its too hard ! If we are going to escape and beat addiction we will have to change our perspective. When I read the verse above it describes to me what addiction is now in my life. I look at addiction through the eyes of God so to speak. Using Gods Big Book I examine Life and that verse seen through the new perspective and it teaches me that addiction is a spiritual enemy. No longer am I a diseased sick and always will be individual. I am knocked down by my enemy (addiction) forced to live in the darkness but no where does it say that I cant stand up and fight and escape. Addiction is a spiritual enemy that wants too steal your very life and your soul. Powerless your not because God says He will fight for you and Jesus Christ his son has defeated your spiritual enemies all you have to do is believe. The World has turned Addiction into something its not and you can overcome addiction because Jesus overcame. You might be down in the darkness but your not out and its not over. As long as you have breath you can fight ,STAND UP get back in there look addiction in the eye and shout out at the top of your lungs. NO MORE ! The world is a Liar and God is my strength my protection I WILL OVERCOME ,I WILL DEFEAT YOU ADDICTION ! Your not unbeatable ,I don't have a disease . I WILL GET FREE ,I WILL WIN, I WILL OVERCOME IN JESUS CHRISTS MIGHTY NAME! 

John 8:32- Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

By Joseph Dickerson/Recovery Connections Need Help email us recoveryfriends@gmail.comPsalm 103v3 He forgives all my sins and Heals all my diseases!

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