Friday, April 6, 2018

There are not many occasions when we get an opportunity to say thank you in a big way. On April 21st the Trenton Catholic Academy is honoring Kevin and Maryann Meara for their outstanding work in our community. They are proud of Kevin and Maryann for making a difference and so are we at City of Angels NJ.

I and many others are attending this outstanding event and we hope you can too.

Tickets to the event are $100.00. We were hoping to get enough participants to fill another table. Two tables have been filled and we are looking to see if there is anyone else who would like to be part of this exciting night. If you would like to attend I can be reached at 609-672-6247

Thank you for considering your attendance at this event.

Warm regards,
John Bencivengo, COO

Here is the official invitation

Kevin's Award
"Conquering our Addictions"

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