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April 24, 2018 • Vol. 5., No. 39
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"If you want to make everyone happy, don't be a leader. Sell ice cream." - Steve Jobs
It's a Good thing. Right?
Americans Filling Far Fewer Opioid Prescriptions
April 19, 2018 - (AP) — The number of prescriptions for opioid painkillers filled in the U.S. fell dramatically last year, showing their biggest drop in 25 years and continuing a decline amid increasing legal restrictions and public awareness of the dangers of addiction...
AA Straight Up VIDEO
New Zealand TV star - ‘Most of the reason you drink is resentment and fear’ VIDEO
April 22, 2018 - The Breakfast presenter touched on the lessons Alcoholics Anonymous imparted to her on Duke’s The Inside Word program last night, and how drinking masked deeper personal issues. 
Ketamine could become first new depression drug in more than 30 years
April 16, 2018 - Ketamine, which has been called “the most important discovery in half a century,” just got a step closer to becoming the first new drug for depression in 35 years. The compound has a reputation as a party drug, but many experts say that’s unfair, since ketamine is increasingly being studied for its potential use as a rapid-fire treatment for depression.
French Connection American Style AUDIO
Patrick Kennedy profits from opioid-addiction firms AUDIO
April 18, 2018 - Patrick Kennedy, the former Democratic representative and scion of the liberal political dynasty, has emerged as the unlikely go-to player for companies seeking to benefit from the Trump administration’s mult-ibillion-dollar response to the opioid crisis, reaping well over $1 million in salaries and equity stakes in the firms. 
Letter from the editor -
On September 21, 2015, I was informed that I was being sued by Sovereign Health of California for publishing a link on the August 25, 2015 edition of the Addiction/ Recovery eBulletin that I found on the OC Register’s website...More @ AREB
To every season...
Organs from drug overdoses could help transplant shortage
Apr 16, 2018 - Fatal drug overdoses are increasing organ donations, and researchers reported Monday that people who receive those transplants generally fare as well as patients given organs from more traditional donors.
Alcoholics are trialing MDMA therapy
April 18, 2018 - The UK’s first ever clinical study using MDMA has started in Bristol, in a landmark moment for the use of psychedelic drugs in psychotherapy.
One Nation Under
The US is entering an age of corporate medicine
April 22, 2018 - The recent slew of mergers and acquisitions is part of a larger corporate transformation that is remaking American healthcare – for the worse.
Last Last Call
‘I’m never drinking again’: Meet the sobriety influencer who actually meant it
April 22, 2018 - ‘THAT’S IT, I’M NEVER DRINKING AGAIN – EVER!’ we’ve all wailed hungover, after a heavy night.
Sober Slugger VIDEO
Darryl Strawberry's battle with drug addiction VIDEO
April 15, 2018 - Darryl Strawberry is known as being one of the great baseball players to play for the Mets. Eight-time All-Star, four-time World Series champion and New York Mets Hall of Famer; but just like so many others the Straw Man and his wife have had their fair share of struggles in life including with drug addiction.
Anguished Families Shoulder The Biggest Burdens Of Opioid Addiction NPR AUDIO
April 18, 2018 - Katiena Johnson stands with her daughter Destini, who was released from jail in August. Katiena and her husband, Roger, took care of their grandchildren while Destini was struggling through her addiction. Destini, 27, recently regained consciousness...
‘Cocaine Babe’ Weeps as She’s Sent to Prison 
April 18, 2018 - A convicted drug importer known for her lavish Instagram photos has been sentenced to prison in Australia for helping smuggle $21 million worth of cocaine into the country.
Why addicts desperate to kick the habit are turning to this risky treatment
April 21, 2018 - None of these visions are real. I’m actually lying on my back with a heart monitor taped to my chest in an ibogaine clinic in Rosarito, Mexico. Earlier in the night I swallowed three pills of ibogaine — an alkaloid derived from the African Tabernanthe iboga plant...
Music and Love VIDEO
At Coachella Eminem Dedicated “Not Afraid” to fans for helping him reach 10 years sober VIDEO
April 16, 2018 - Today Eminem has performed at Coachella Festival and of course he dedicated his one of the three diamond songs, the Grammy winning single, “Not Afraid” to his fans:
Synanon: The Untold Story VIDEO
The Story of This ’60s Drug Rehab-Turned-Violent Cult Is Wild, Wild Bizarre...and Bill Lane was thereVIDEO
April 22, 2018 - Bill Lane was a 20-year-old junkie living in Brooklyn when his mother heard about Synanon on TV. “There was no such thing as a drug rehab in those days,” says Lane today. “There was no help. You got busted, you went to prison.”
When Doves Never Stop Crying VIDEO
Prince’s doctor to pay $30,000 for illegal prescriptions VIDEO
April 19, 2018 - MINNEAPOLIS -- A Minnesota doctor accused of illegally prescribing an opioid painkiller for Prince a week before the musician died from a fentanyl overdose has agreed to pay $30,000 to settle a federal civil violation, according to documents made public Thursday
FBI awards citizen for her work with drug addiction
April 20, 2018 - Carolyn Weems, who works with public schools in the area to expand their drug curriculum to raise awareness about the dangers of prescription drugs, was honored by FBI Director Christopher Wray on Friday in Washington D.C.
Prince’s Friends Fiercely Guarded His Privacy, Complicating Investigation
April 20, 2018 - But a second shot of Narcan caused Prince to take a large gasp and come to. When asked how he felt, Prince did not respond, but Kirk Johnson, his trusted bodyman, spoke up: “Prince feels fine.”
Fiddler on the Roofie VIDEO
Orthodox family speaks out about opioid abuse in religious community VIDEO
April 20, 2018 - Drug addiction is a taboo topic that is rarely discussed in the Orthodox community, where family reputations are everything, and many fear that the stigma of an addict in the family may hamper marriage prospects...
J. Cole’s KOD Is a Thoughtful Meditation on Addiction
April 20, 2018 - I thought of Trainspotting when I saw the artwork to J. Cole’s new album, KOD. It’s a striking illustration of the rapper as a hollow-eyed king in a woolly cape concealing children smoking weed, popping pills, sniffing coke, and sipping lean.
What to Expect in Teen Rehab
April 20, 2018 - Sometimes, for the young person, simply being removed from the environment where the dysfunction is occurring for a short while helps more than anything else.More @
‘Why was life such a barren tundra if I wasn’t drinking?’
April 22, 2018 - Her new book, The Recovering: Intoxication and Its Aftermath, describes her struggle with alcoholism, as well as that of key literary figures such as Elizabeth Bishop and John Cheever.
2 People Arrested After Hiding Body in Closet of Utah Home
April 22, 2018 - ...documents state Juggert called a relative and said the man had overdosed on April 7 and that he was scared to report it because they had been using drugs and he was trying to regain custody of his son.
Doctors treating teens for video game addiction
April 19, 2018 - “They wake up in the middle of the night to game or they don’t go to sleep because they are gaming. They are on the internet and cellphone, they’re ditching school and they’re not doing their homework. It leads to lots of conflict at home and arguing,”...
Now 9/10 teens at UK drug clinics being treated for pot use
April 22, 2018 - Cannabis is responsible for 91 per cent of cases where teenagers end up being treated for drug addiction, shocking new figures reveal.
Desert Inn AUDIO
Phoenix Sets Regulations For Sober Living Homes AUDIO
April 19, 2018 - Many neighborhood activists were concerned with the quality of life both for people in the homes and those in areas around the homes.
Executive Corner- Rynda Laurel
Rynda Laurel has worked with hundreds of music artists from developing acts to multi-platinum, Grammy-winning, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. She also advises music based online platforms and is a sought-after moderator, speaker at international conferences including MIDEM, Silicon Beach Fest, SXSW, SXSW, V2V, DEW, CMW, and Digital LA.
Q. If you are in recovery, what was your DOC and when did you discontinue its use?
A. Sobriety Date July 10, 1992 DOC depends on the year! Alcohol, stimulants & opiates.
Q. At which of the schools you attended did you learn the most?
A. The school of Richard Branson. Just kidding but not really.
Q. If you ever retire, would you prefer to live by the ocean, lake, river, or mountaintop, or penthouse? 
A. I’d prefer to travel the world.
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