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Your First Call with Your Insurance Provider: What to Ask about Substance Use Coverage

by Lindsey Vuolo, JD, MPH, Associate Director of Health Law and Policy at the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse
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When you are seeking treatment for your son or daughter’s substance use disorder (SUD) or mental health (MH) issue, it can seem impossible to navigate the insurance system. Many of the families who have been through it have likened it to a nightmare. What many parents don’t know is that, in many cases, your insurance provider is actually obligated to cover your child’s substance use disorder. It’s the law, plain and simple. (We understand that the language of the insurance landscape is complex. Be sure to visit this glossary of insurance terms if you need help with some of the terminology below.)

To help you navigate this complicated system, we’ve created a glossary of insurance terms, and outlined some important questions to ask your insurance provider when seeking coverage for addiction treatment, to ensure that you get your child the best help possible, Here are a few examples:

Does my plan cover mental health and/or SUD benefits? And how do I find out for my specific plan?

What benefits do you cover (including treatment settings and medications)?

What documentation do I need to provide and what should I keep a list of for reimbursements?
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