Friday, March 23, 2018

Important announcement:
We would like to do another very special quilt project this year and we need your help!
This years will be a bit different than the past two we have done. In years past it has been to honor all of our loved ones suffering from substance use disorder and we still do honor them however, I believe that this year the focus should be more about the recovery side and to show that with treatment anything is possible. We want to show that amid all of the tragedy there is hope for our loved ones!
I’m asking for anyone who has a person who is in recovery to submit a quilt square to honor them on this years Recovery Quilt!
Very Important:
The fabric squares must meet the following guidelines to be used.
Each square should be 100% cotton (no stretchy material like t shirts please)
Color must be white for recovery
Size of square should be 5 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches with any design inside the 5x5 area of each square
Photos of your loved ones are great and easy to do. You can also write the persons name and date of recovery with a fabric marker or embroidery using either Red or Black only please.
These MUST be in my mailbox by no later than August 15th 2018 to be used!
I’m asking for an “optional 5.00 donation or whatever you can afford” with your fabric squares to help defray the additional cost of making the quilt. No one should feel obligated to donate but if you can please do and if you can’t, please send me your square anyway because nobody will be left out!
The fabric squares should be sent to:
Jessica Ward
428 Mills Rd
Whitefield Maine 04353
DEADLINE: August 15th, 2018

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