Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Honoring a legacy

First-time ironman racer honors 'unbreakable' father


Scott Sample completed his first half ironman in August as a way to honor his father, Chip Sample, who passed away unexpectedly earlier this year. In the weeks leading up to the race, he raised more than $10,000 for Face It TOGETHER as a way to honor his legacy and generate awareness for addiction.

“I think it’s important to note there are so many ways I could have honored my Dad,” he said. “But I chose to find something related to his addiction because I wanted to be part of the population that is working to break down stigma.”


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Coaching data snapshot

Celebrating two years in Fargo-Moorhead


September marks two years of solving addiction in the Fargo-Moorhead community! A sincere thank you to everyone who's helped us along the way. We're so grateful for the opportunity to help others on their journeys to wellness.

To celebrate the anniversary, we talked to the team about the most meaningful changes they've seen as Face It TOGETHER coaches.

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Ask a coach

Dave Jansa
 Peer coach

Q: My husband drinks too much but refuses to get help. What can I do?

A: It starts with trying some new ways of communicating and interacting. The goal is to reduce conflict and tension so he'll be more open to hearing you and eventually taking steps to make a change. 

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