Monday, October 14, 2019

[PREMIERE] 2019 SMART Recovery National Conference Presentations

Conference videos and slides are now available on our website.
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Thank You for a Great 
2019 SMART Recovery National Conference!
A group of attendees at the 2019 SMART Recovery National Conference wearing SMART Recovery stickers celebrating the organization's 25th anniversary.
The 2019 SMART Recovery National Conference was truly a celebration of our past, present, and future. We honored our amazing community, volunteers, friends, and accomplishments of the last 25 years, and presented a vision of our next quarter century.

There is no better way to face the addiction epidemic than through education. So, for this conference, we assembled renowned speakers from the fields of addiction science, psychology, medicine, and policy – as well as peer support meeting facilitators and therapists – to share their latest research, results, and best practices. This knowledge bank is now available to share.

We are pleased to offer you a compilation of the presentations available on SMART Recovery’s YouTube channel and links for downloading PDFs of presentation slides, where available.

You can find all available presentations on our Conference Presentations webpage.

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Bill Greer, Board President
Mark Ruth, Executive Director
Opening Keynote Address
Join Bill Greer, President, and Mark Ruth, Executive Director of SMART Recovery, as they provide opening remarks at the 2019 National Conference, welcoming featured speakers, presenters, treatment providers, professionals, participants and volunteers. Together, they recognize SMART’s leadership and staff around the world who have helped SMART Recovery to thrive in its 25-year journey.
Carlo DiClemente, Ph.D.
Are Relapse and Recycling Necessary for Addictive Behavior Change?
Are relapse and recycling needed for recovery? Who better to answer this question than Carlo DiClemente, Ph.D., the co-creator of the Stages of Change model? In this highly informative presentation, Dr. DiClemente discusses relapse models, recycling and relapse, how they fit together, and the need to rethink the term “relapse.”
Richard Saitz, M.D.
 Words Matter: Addiction Terminology, Accuracy, and Stigma
Words matter to Richard Saitz, M.D., who edits medical journals and publications for accuracy surrounding addiction terminology. In this talk, Dr. Saitz discusses substance use disorders as health conditions; how language promotes stigma and affects policy and care; and the emergence of accurate, non-stigmatizing terminology.
John F. Kelly, Ph.D.
50 Years of Addiction Research and Policy: The Shifting Paradigm Towards Long-Term Recovery Management
As we approach the 50th anniversary of the declaration of the War on Drugs, what has been accomplished? What can we do better? What role do recovery support services such as SMART Recovery play in long-term recovery and the ongoing effort to effectively address the addiction epidemic? John F. Kelly, Ph.D., discusses these questions and much more.
Other Presentations
You can find all available videos and presentation slides on our Conference Presentations webpage.
We encourage you to visit and subscribe to SMART Recovery's YouTube channel*. Multimedia – especially video – will become an increasingly important tool in our outreach, and a helpful resource for anyone searching for rich recovery-related content that educates, informs, and inspires. We welcome your suggestions.
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