Tuesday, October 22, 2019

What if There's a Treatment Waitlist?


No Beds Available: What To Do When You’re on a Waitlist for Addiction Treatment
beds for inpatient rehab
If your child has made the decision to enter treatment for his or her substance use issues, it’s a positive, pro-healthy milestone. But when you find the treatment that’s right for them is not available right away, it can be incredibly frustrating — and frightening.

Why Can There Be Delays In Accessing Addiction Treatment?

There are several reasons why there might be delays in starting an addiction treatment program. Insurance plans are required to cover mental health and addiction treatment, and more people are now seeking help for substance use disorder. Sometimes it can simply be a matter of waiting for a bed or a patient slot in a particular treatment facility. For others, the struggles of determining insurance coverage or finding the money to cover co-pays and deductibles can cause delays. Where you live has a lot of bearing on whether or not there are enough beds and treatment facilities available. Some cities and states have longer waiting lists than others.

Given the long road and difficult decisions that often lead to your child seeking help, it can be disheartening to encounter yet more obstacles. After all, your child got to this point where they want help.

Your primary goal while your loved one is waiting is keeping them safe, motivated and moving forward to treatment.

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