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Man Grows $8bn Breasts On Risperdal

Los Angeles REEL Recovery Film Festival & Symposium
THE WEEKEND October 11-14, 2019 • Vol. 7., No. 6
Federal Agents Raid! Inspire Malibu, BLVD Centers Inc.,Victory Detox Center, Reflections Recovery LLC 
Oct. 7, 2019 - FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said the reason for searches at four locations were filed under seal in federal court … Calls, emails and social media messages seeking comment from the rehab facilities and their representatives were not immediately returned Monday. More@OCRegister
Toad Venom Big Hit Among Psychedelic New Yorkers
September 28, 2019 - The ­social-media influencer and life coach said the experience concluded after 45 minutes of “shooting through the universe” and “being reborn.” Despite the trip’s short duration, the effects of toad venom — which is extracted from Colorado River toad... More@NYPost
Man Grows Breasts On Risperdal Oct. 9, 2019 - Nicholas Murray, now 26, claimed in his suit that he developed breasts after doctors prescribed him Risperdal off-label in 2003 once a psychologist diagnosed him with autism spectrum disorder. More@NYPost
Treatment Scam May Be Coming to Your State October 7, 2019 - Prompted by a man whom Johnson met online, she agreed to sending her son to South Florida, where he cycled through more than two dozen sober homes and treatment facilities over four years ... Donna Johnson is urging Maryland lawmakers to outlaw a fraudulent addiction treatment practice known as patient brokering. More@PEW
Experts Outraged: Ex-Pharma Lobbyist appointed to NIDA
October 5, 2019 - Appointment of a former pharmaceutical lobbyist to the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s top advisory body has outraged recovery advocates ... Nickel was a registered lobbyist for Alkermes, makers of the drug, Vivitrol. “It’s disgusting! More@BuzzFeedNews
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Lung Damage From Vaping Resembles Chemical Burns 
Oct. 2, 2019 - Their findings are based on samples of lung tissue from 17 patients around the country whose biopsy specimens were sent to Mayo to be examined under the microscope by experts in lung pathology. 
Sidelined VIDEO
He Was Dealing Fentanyl. And Helping Addicts. Then A Planned Visit from Mike Pence Screwed It All Up VIDEO
Oct. 2, 2019 - Ex-Ivy Leaguer and NFL-er Jeff Hatch spent years telling audiences of his triumph over opioid addiction. Then the rehab center he worked at drew national attention, a tortuous backstory of cops, dealers and deception came to light. Now, for the first time, Hatch, the people who know him and the people who thought they did, speak out at length. More@SI
“Our heads are round so thought can change direction” ―Allen Ginsberg
The Garden in Purgatory: The Secret Jailhouse Garden at Rikers Island Oct. 4, 2019 - “That’s my baby,” said Mike Cruz, a stocky young man who is serving time at Rikers ... “It’s a Mexican sunflower,” he said. “I put the seeds in myself, and look at it now, it’s five feet tall. You get to watch them grow, you feel good about that. It’s like having a child.” More@NYTimes
Why were millions of opioid pills sent to a West Virginia town of 3,000?
Oct. 2, 2019 - “Let’s call this whole thing what it is. It’s pretty much a cartel. A drug trafficking organisation,” said Sgt Mike Smith who spent years unravelling the web of doctors, pharmacists and drug companies that made rural Mingo county the opioid capital of America.
6 plead guilty in $48M drug treatment fraud scheme 
OCT. 5, 2019 - Prosecutors said Braking Point between January 2015 and October 2017 falsely billed Medicaid nearly 135,000 times ... Authorities want Sheridan to forfeit $3 million, properties he owns in several Ohio counties and replica movie vehicles. More@10TV
A Former College Athlete’s Life Completely Changed After Giving Up Alcohol
October 1, 2019 - After being in recovery for a year, Billy goes to AA on an as-needed basis, but everyone’s experience is different. “In the beginning, I was going three times a week and now I’m at a point where I go once a week,”... More@PopSugar
“Emergency Poet” Opens Literary Pharmacy to Support Mental Wellbeing
Oct. 2, 2019 - Visitors will be able to move through the building according to their mood - from ‘Matters of the Heart’ to ‘For days when the world is too much with us’, and guests will find books, stationery, gifts and local artwork available to buy to address a particular mood.
1 Million People Acquire STD Infections Everyday 
October 5, 2019 - As if viral and bacterial communicable diseases born out of filth in the environment were not enough to endanger human lives on earth, sexually communicable diseases and infections are also rising to make the situation worse. More@DND
Methadone pioneer Herbert Kleber’s approach still helps people today October 1, 2019 - ...psychiatrist Herbert Kleber, M.D., helped change that. As one of the pioneers of medication-assisted treatment for addiction, he was among the first handful of doctors in the US who treated patients with methadone. More@Inverse
Fentanyl deaths spurs OD prevention program in SF residential hotels Sep. 30, 2019 - Friends have dragged Nic Atamaniuk back from the edge of death from drug overdoses at least 30 times in the past few years. Each time, they gave him a shot of Narcan... More@SFChronicle
Ways to Process the Death of a Friend in 12-Step Recovery 
Oct. 1, 2019 - Recently, I lost a sober friend in a 12-step fellowship. His smile helped me overcome a feeling of alienation after I’d moved to a new neighborhood... More@TheFix
Can We Please Stop Describing Sober People as ‘Clean’?
September 29, 2019 - by Katie McBride - When I was newly sober, I told a friend that I was no longer drinking alcohol. “Yeah, but you can still have a glass of wine every now and then, right?” More@Healthline
Governmental Population Control? VIDEO
DEA on massive opioids production: So What? VIDEO
Oct. 2, 2019 - The Drug Enforcement Administration allowed manufacturers to produce more and more opioids for a decade, even as deaths from the crisis spiked... More@USAToday
Doc Gets 40 Years For Prescribing More Than Half A Million Opioid Doses
October 2, 2019 - The sentence is lighter than it could have been. Smithers was facing up to life in prison and a fine of more than $200 million, according to officials at the U.S. Justice Department. More@NPR
Fed. judge rules safe injection site can legally open in Philly
OCTOBER 02, 2019 - The ruling was a victory for the nonprofit Safehouse, which hopes to open a facility where people with addictions could use drugs under medical supervision so help would be instantly on hand in the event of an overdose, an approach known as harm reduction. More@KYWNewsRadio
Man who trained people to use life-saving anti-overdose drug loses battle with addiction 
Oct. 1, 2019 - Kevin Donovan trained people to use Narcan, a drug that reverses the effects of an overdose. After going through recovery for his own addiction issues, he wanted to teach people to use the drug... More@CNN
Man died after ingesting ‘8-ball’ of cocaine when booked into jail
October 4, 2019 - Later in the evening, one of five inmates inside Kandaswamy’s holding cell began banging on the door and alerting police that there was a “man down.”
Overcoming Addiction: Better Late Than Never
October 1, 2019 - I recall as a teenager, I was always against authority. I always found a way to manipulate my parents into getting things my way. I never took life too seriously. Perhaps that is why my life went in the direction the way it did. Looking back, I always had the behavioral traits and mindset of an addict. More@ThriveGlobal
Police: 70 cases now under investigation involving clinic 
Oct 3, 2019 - Investigators are currently reviewing each case before pursuing charges, and they do not have the authority to shut down the facility in the meantime. Complicating the investigation we have learned, many of the alleged victims were reportedly “unconscious” during the incidents in question. More@CBS46
Joe Tapper Stars in Off-Broadway Premiere of The White Chip OCT. 4, 2019 - Performances begin October 4 for Sean Daniels’ comedy about one man’s wild and theatrical journey from alcoholism to recovery. More@Playbill
A Warning on Benzodiazepines
Oct. 4, 2019 - t was only after my wife, TV Journalist Lisa Ling, decided to do a story on Benzodiazepines for CNN that I became familiar with their gross misuse and overuse. More@Medium
Sia reveals she suffers from rare neurological disease
October 5, 2019 - “Life is F—king hard. Pain is demoralizing, and you’re not alone.” Commonly referred to as EDS, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome weakens the connective tissue of the body, and often results in loosening of joints, thinning skin and weakened blood vessels, according to WebMD. More@PageSix
Spectacular Idea VIDEO
‘Recovery Pod’ is First-of-its-Kind Drug Treatment VIDEO
October 4, 2019 - Jail is the last place where Deandre Bluford wants to be, but it’s also the same place where he knows he’s getting the help that he needs. “I want better for myself; I always want better for myself, but I didn’t know how to go about doing it,”... More@CBSLocal
I don’t believe in ‘Sober October’
Oct. 5, 2019 - I keep getting emails from public relations people telling me it’s “Sober October”. These PRs wonder in their emails if I have thought about writing a piece on the trend for going alcohol-free... More@Telegraph
Stop calling them "Druggy Buggies" Video
Stop The Stigma forum focuses on the neuroscience of addiction VIDEO Oct. 4, 2019 - “ Stop The Stigma ” continued on Friday; for the last three years, the college has invited students, health professionals, and community members to forums to learn about myths and facts surrounding mental health and addictive disorders. More@KXLH
10 Dead within 26 hours in one Ohio county VIDEO
September 30, 2019 - Fentanyl can be mixed with cocaine and methamphetamine to create a deadly combination, the coroner said. The deaths are likely from fentanyl, but toxicology results are pending, Ortiz said. More@CNN
Scottish Police oppose naloxone overdose kits: ‘not our job to save lives’ Oct. 5, 2019 - Last year 1187 drug deaths were recorded in Scotland, and those working with communities using drugs claim the numbers have remained high and may still be rising. More@TheNational
Recovery Through A.A. Meetings
October 5, 2019 - Once they settle in, everyone introduces themselves one by one, before admitting a personal problem that they all share – alcoholism. To cope with their addictions, they seek help through the Alcoholic Anonymous... More@TheCorsair
Long Walk Out of the Woods: A Physician’s Story of Addiction, Depression, Hope, and Recovery
October, 2019 - Pediatric oncologist and palliative care physician Dr. Adam B. Hill suffered despair and disillusionment with the culture of medicine, culminating in a spiral of depression, alcoholism and an active suicidal plan. More@Amazon
SCREENAGERS: Next Chapter 
Monday, October 14 @ 5pm, Laemmle NoHo
(2018) UPDATED version - Explores the impact of social medial and screen time on young people’s mental and emotional well being. Director Delaney Ruston. 69 min. 
“Screenagers is an unusually evocative film that is a must see for anyone with or without children. Having seen it in a theater with 200 parents I was particularly interested in viewer reactions. The film stimulated viewers to draw on their own experiences and seek out different strategies for handling what they saw as a real problem.” 
IN PERSON: Don Grant Ph.D.
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