Tuesday, August 20, 2019

In the News: Sales Soar for Fruity and Candy-Flavored Pods Made by Juul Competitors

Top Drug & Alcohol News of the Week
Top Drug & Alcohol News of the Week
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TAKE ACTION: Help Pass the Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment Act
Congress is currently considering a bill, the Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment Act of 2019, which would eliminate the waiver requirement to prescribe buprenorphine. With a couple of clicks and a minute of your time, you can send a message to your Members of Congress to expand access to this life-saving medication. Read More
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Sales Soar for Fruity and Candy-Flavored Pods Made by Juul Competitors
Companies that make fruity and candy-flavored pods compatible with Juul devices are seeing big increases in sales, after Juul Labs stopped selling most of its flavored nicotine pods under pressure from the Food and Drug Administration, The New York Times reports. Read More
Health Officials Investigate Cases of Severe Lung Disease After Vaping
Health officials in Wisconsin are investigating cases of people with severe lung disease who all reported recently vaping nicotine or marijuana oils, extracts or concentrates. Read More
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Expert Panel Recommends Doctors Screen All Adult Patients for Illicit Drug Use
A national task force is recommending that doctors screen all adult patients for illicit drug use, including nonmedical use of prescription drugs, The New York Times reports. Read More
Hospitals Report Cases of People Using Cocaine Laced with Fentanyl
Hospitals in the United States and Canada are reporting cases of people overdosing after using cocaine laced with fentanyl, HealthDay reports. Read More
Teens Who Vape More Likely to Start Using Marijuana
Teens and young adults with a history of using e-cigarettes are 3.5 times more likely to use marijuana than their peers who never vaped, a new study finds. Read More
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