Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Fix: Addiction and Recovery, Straight Up
Best of the Week:
April 18–24
COMING UP IN THE FIX// Native American Sobriety Circles * Ask an Expert: When and How Can I Get Off Suboxone? Our Panel of Experts Weighs In * Not Mary Poppins: The Addict as Parent * Interview with Hazelden's Marvin Seppala * Rich Roll: From Overweight Alcoholic to UltraMan * 10 Failures in State Drug Testing *Cancer Is a Gift * David Crosby * Recovery Profile: Brian Cuban * PLUS: Other incisive articles
GOOD GUYS?// The Forgotten Victory in the War on Drugs
How the DEA got one thing right.
By Neville Elder
PRO VOICES// Bill W. and the Boomerang: An Imagined Psychotherapy with the co-Founder of AA
Could a powerful psychotherapeutic encounter have changed history?
By Scott Kellogg
HUSH!// Don't Tell Me When the Next AA Meeting Is
Don't assume that, without the 12 steps, my sobriety must be on its last legs. It's just plain rude.
By Keri Blakinger
LETTING GO// Vince Cullen and Vomiting Your Way to Sobriety in Thailand
Vince Cullen specializes in a unique and successful mode of recovery at Wat Thamkrabok in Thailand, using a tonic that induces bouts of savage vomiting.
By Nathan A. Thompson
SLIDESHOW// The 15 Strangest Border Busts
Drug smugglers are finding some innovative ways to get their shipments across the border. From frozen fish to breast implants, check out some of the craziest methods thwarted by border officials.
By McCarton Ackerman
Hillary Clinton Promises to Tackle 'Quiet Epidemic' of Substance Abuse
Supreme Court Rules Making Suspects Wait For Drug-Sniffing Dog Is Unconstitutional
Google Exec Takes 100 Pills a Day to Live Forever
Louisiana Employers Could Soon Drug Test Hair From Applicants
At Long Last, Florida Gov. Rick Scott Drops Lawsuit Over State Worker Drug Tests
Less Gambling and More Clubbing Is the Newest Las Vegas Trend
Help Unwanted
This week, Keri Blakinger wrote on how telling a recovering alcoholic that they need the 12 steps is just plain rude.Readers shared their experiences of being judged for not seeking sobriety in AA:
Great article. My mother has been sober for 23 years with the help of AA. My father has been sober for 26 year without AA. See – it works if you work it, your way. I work the rooms, my husband does not. My point is - we all toast the holidays together with sparkling cider. And that’s really all that matters. It kills me when I hear my fellow AA members refer to my husband and father as “dry drunks” – I think the program could do without the name calling. I never miss an opportunity to make my feelings know about the “dry drunk” slur when I hear it in a meeting. Like it or not, it’s my meeting too.


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