Monday, April 20, 2015

The Fix: Addiction and Recovery, Straight Up
Best of the Week:
April 11–17
COMING UP IN THE FIX// Thai Vomit Therapy * The Science of Work and Reaching Goals * Interview with Hazelden's Dr. Marvin Seppala * 10 Failures of State Drug Testing * Do People Outgrow Sex Addiction? * Chronic Illness in Sobriety *Fear * New Blog: Getting to a Place of Not Caring * PLUS: Other incisive articles
DRUG WAR// The Emerald Triangle Up In Smoke?
Does legalization spell the end for Humboldt County's cannabis culture?
By Linda Stansberry
NALTREXONE// One Pill or Twelve Steps?
Who needs AA when you've got naltrexone? Anyone with a screaming void in their core that they've filled with alcohol, of course.
By Jodi Sh. Doff
PRO VOICES// Battling Bias: Tales from an Addiction Psychologist
Stigma and stereotypes inside the treatment arena.
By Amy J. Colley
Q&A// The Fix Q&A with Chris Bell, Director of Prescription Thugs
The director of Bigger Stronger Faster on his new documentary Prescription Thugs.
By Dawn Roberts
SLIDESHOW// 10 More Addiction Films You Have Probably Never Heard Of
From a young Heath Ledger and a younger Gary Oldman to Pure, Smashed and Spun: another dose of The Fix's underrated—but great—movies about addiction. You're welcome.
By Regina Walker
Puerto Rico Sending Hundreds of Drug Addicts to the U.S.
U.S. Swim Champ Michael Phelps A 'Changed' Man Since Rehab
Ringo Starr Says He Wasted Years in Alcoholic Haze After Beatles Breakup
Smoking Weed While Drinking Makes Users Far More Likely To Drive Drunk
Porn-Addicted Mother Provides Weed, Sets Up ‘Naked Twister Party’ For Teen Daughter
Nurse Jackie, TV’s Most Honest Depiction of Addiction, Enters Its Final Season

This week, Amy J. Colley discussed how addicts run into bias from addiction stigma from the very people who are supposed to get them better. Readers shared their struggles in seeking treatment as addicts:
Well, part of the problem is that the education and healthcare systems are set up to separate addiction treatment from mental health treatment--as if they were two entirely unrelated issues instead of problems that most frequently go hand in hand. Therefore many psychologists and psychiatrists have no training in addiction. In my own case, after several months of working with a clinical psychologist on anxiety and relationship issues, I revealed to her that I was addicted to alcohol. She immediately discharged me and told me to seek addiction treatment, but could not even give me a treatment referral as she had no experience or knowledge at all about addiction issues.


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