Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Announcement in Addiction and Behavioral Health Job Seekers
Addiction VIP Symposium/Gala-Exhibitor Update 33 Exhibitors
Charles Davis
👔 CEO Connecting Addiction/BH Professionals for Referrals 60,000 NAT'L CONTACTS -Nat. Presenter Marketing in Addictions
Addiction VIP Education/Networking Symposium 1/14/15
The National Croquet Center West Palm Beach
Symposium 7am - 4 pm
Gala (Addicts Mom Lifetime Achievement Award) 5 pm - 9pm

Enjoy learning (5 NAADAC CEU's), networking with a NEW circle (60 exhibitors expected), presentation from Bill W., presentation by FARR (what you need to know in 2015), The Addicts Mom fund raising Gala (Lifetime achievement award), croquet taught by professionals, food, prizes, and special performing artists RIR.

Time is running out, to exhibit, we are inserting the literature into the attend bags on 1/7/15. Materials must be recieved by them to be included.

Please visit our Co-Chair Sponsors
The Counseling Center
Piece of Mind Counseling

NAADAC CEU Speaking Sponsorships
The Counseling Center Presentation TBA
Piece of Mind Counseling Speaker Danielle "Dani" La Barrie MA, LCSW, CAP Clinical Director Piece of Mind Counseling presenting Childhood as it "used to be."

FARR - Speaker John Lehman, President FARR http://farronline.org/presenting Need to Know Changes Coming in Sober Living.

Bill W. (Gary Kimble) - PASS IT ON...AN EVENING WITH BILL W. & DR. BOB http://www.passitonbillwdrbob.com/ a national play that is presented by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc.

The Addicts Mom Presenting for The Addicts Mom, The Shores. Presentation TBA

Marketing Speaking Sponsors
Insight to Recovery
Infinity Behavioral Health Services
Cash Box
Brain Resource
Dream Recovery
BB Insurance
All About Recovery Recovery

Foundations Recovery Networkhttp://www.foundationsrecoverynetwork.com/
The Counseling Center https://yorktowncounselingcenter.com/
Peace of Mind Counseling http://completeintervention.com/
The Addicts Mom http://addictsmom.com/
FARR http://farronline.org/
The Shores Treatment and Recovery https://www.theshoresrecovery.com/
Infinity Behavioral Health http://www.infinitybehavioral.com/
Insight to Recovery http://www.insighttorecovery.com/
The Addictions Coach http://theaddictionscoach.com/
Peaceful Ridge http://www.peacefulridgerecovery.com/
Harbor Village http://harborvillageflorida.com/
Millennium Health http://www.millenniumhealth.com/
Our Place Recovery http://ourplacerecoveryfl.com/
Sobewell Concierge Addiction Medicine Program (CAMP)http://sobewell.com/
Go Cash Box http://www.gocashbox.com/
Cort https://www.cort.com/
Dream Recovery International http://dreamrecoveryintl.com/
Brain Resource http://www.brainresource.com/mybrainsolutions/personal
WithIn Books Boutique http://www.withinbookscafe.com/
Rehab Rescue http://www.rehabrescue.solutions/
Pass It On http://www.passitonbillwdrbob.com/
Ammon Analytical Lab http://ammontox.com/
Help An Addict http://helpanaddict.com/
Medytox http://www.medytoxsolutionsinc.com/
Bio Sound http://biosoundhealing.com/
Dream Recovery International http://dreamrecoveryintl.com/
BB Insurance http://www.bbimi.com/
Behavioral Health Network Resources
Expert US Labs http://www.expertuslabs.com/
All About Recovery http://www.allaboutrecoveryinc.com/
Treasure Coast http://treasurecoastrecovery.com/choosing-treatment-for-yourself/
CBS Labs http://cbslaboratory.com/

Exhibitor Booths Only $450
*Exhibitors get to keep their booth at no charge for the Gala, but must register individually ($69) to attend the Gala.

Remaining Sponsorships for Symposium; Croquet, and Exhibitor Booths.

The Addicts Mom Gala Sponsors
The Shores Treatment & Recovery
Counseling Center Platinum Sponsor

Remaining Sponsorships for Gala; Dinner, Croquet, Executive, Horderves, and Prizes.

If you would like your literature in Gala Attendee handbags do the Prize Sponsorship.

Gala includes; Horderves, Dinner, Entertainment by Rockers In Recovery Unplugged, and Croquet taught by professionals.

Please contact Charles Davis bhnrcharles@gmail.com, or 561-235-6195with any questions.

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