Monday, December 22, 2014

The Fix: Addiction and Recovery, Straight Up
Best of the Week:
December 13–19
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TREATING WOMEN// What’s Gender Got To Do With It?
About one-third of alcoholics in the United States are women. But despite having differences in the causes and symptoms of alcoholism, men and women receive the same treatment. Why?
By Regina Walker

PROFESSIONAL VOICES// 'Twas the Night Before Detox
A clinician spends the holidays wondering: How much do we really know about what our patients are doing?
By Dr. Neta Tal

WILD PEOPLE// I Blame The Parents
How Mother Nature kept us alive by teaching us to love booze.
By Neville Elder

“The shame and secrecy that shroud this disease are just as deadly as the disease itself.” - Kristen Johnston
By Jeanene Swanson

TEENS// Adolescence Interrupted
The unregulated, abusive war on troubled teens.
By Dawn Roberts
Study Shows Teen Substance Use Declined in 2014
Alcohol and Energy Drinks May Lead to More Drunk Driving
Parents of Overdose Victim Want Leniency for Man Who Supplied Heroin
Social Media Addiction Linked to Substance Abuse, Study Finds
Toddler Is First Confirmed Death from Liquid Nicotine
DOJ Okays Marijuana Sales on Tribal Lands
Against Unregulations
This week, Dawn Roberts examined so-called teen addiction treatment centers, which can cause more problems than they solve. Some readers were familiar with such programs:
Posing as schools and rehabs, these unregulated monstrosities are praying on the fears of parents while physically, emotionally and sexually abusing young people in facilities that wouldn’t meet prison standards, let alone standards for schools or hospitals. These programs often look verymuch like boarding schools complete with websites that use words like “dual diagnosis” and “therapy.”
Its bad.

-medical tyrants

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