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PLEASE SHARE - Starting February 14, 2015 - The RIR- Recovery Network will be donating one scholarship bed per month throughout the rest of 2015. Please Contact Lori Sullivan @954-826-5968 For More Information. Meet The Network Here 

Happy Holidays To All, 
On behalf of Rob Vincent, Lori Sullivan, RIR - Recovery Network Members and the RIR ALL-STAR Band we want to wish everyone a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and a fabulous New Year.
Since 2008 Rockers In Recovery and their musical directors have encouraged many musicians, famous and unknown, in their walks in recovery. RIR has produced sixteen concerts and four music festivals devoted to sobriety, bucking the trend that rock music has to center on the usual themes of sex, drugs and other components of that lifestyle.
RIR offers a recovery-based message on life after addiction. RIR's sobriety community awareness and "the artists whom have help carry their message read like a who's who of the music industry.
RIR wants to take this time to thank everyone who over the years supported our mission.
Our mission and goal is to provide education and support about addiction, as well as, drug and alcohol rehab treatment options to different communities across the United States. We do this through RIR Concerts,Festivals, and Recovery Unplugged Meet & Greets.

Most importantly the message of "Rockers In Recovery" is that addiction prevention and awareness mixed with "HAVING FUN" in recovery is indeed possible!! 
FILMING DAY  - An American Epidemic 
Lori Sullivan President of RIR Non Profit and RIR Radio & Productions Founder John Hollis along with YPR-Delray, FAU, CRC and Steer Straight.org  aid Film Maker Michael DeLeon to tell the Florida Recovery Story.

 What We Can't Do Alone, We Can Do Together
READ MORE Rockers In Recovery - "Addiction Awareness & Prevention Through Rock-N-Roll". Our goal is to provide education and support about addiction, as well as, drug and alcohol rehab treatment options to different communities across the United States. 
SAMHSA is proud to partner with Rockers In Recovery along with the following federal agencies and national organizations, and thanks them for their support of  National Prevention Week. Read More > http://goo.gl/cHA2uL    
Get To know The RIR - Network Supporters:
RIR- Recovery Network facilities are located across the country, offering unmatched programs and services that honor mind, body and soul.  The addiction treatment and detox facilities work with HMO's, Commercial Insurances, MEDICARE, or self pay.
Just Believe Recovery Center - Get to know Frank Marino click link http://goo.gl/NuYq9oor by calling 561-729-4318   
FARR - The Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR) Get to know John Lehman click link http://goo.gl/kiVxm2 or by calling 561-288-1721   

The Gardens at Lake Worth - Get to know Meredith Turnbull Click Link >http://goo.gl/0e6pym  or by calling 850-273-2112   
Pro-Act of Philadelphia - Get to know Fred Martin Click Link > http://goo.gl/6WMqHP  orby calling 215-923-1661
Serenity Centers of Tennessee - Get to know George Massengill or Davis Click Link >http://goo.gl/FaLrZ4   or by calling 865-696-8169
Advanced Health and Education of New Jersey -  Get to know Frank Norton Click Link >   http://goo.gl/mgJhwk  or by calling 978-407-4814
Above All Recovery Center- Get To Know Steven Schwartz Click Link >http://goo.gl/Jv7lxt    or by calling 954-825-9242
Destination Hope - Get To Know Candice Conway Click Link > http://goo.gl/0MwvNC  or by calling 954-200-9480  

The Recovery Village - Get To Know Lisa Crawford Click Link >  http://goo.gl/oSLiYX  or by calling 914-391-2949
The Shores Treatment and Recovery - Get To Know Lyle Fried  Click Link >http://goo.gl/gR6qbB   or by calling 772-332-8711
All About Recovery- Get To Know Stephanie Humphries Click Link >http://goo.gl/vCTCPN  or by calling 561-502-7874   
KLEAN Treatment Centers Long Beach, Washington - Get to know Milt Click Link >http://goo.gl/7uLEUg     
Fellowship Living - Get To know Rick & Susan Riccardi Click Link >http://goo.gl/BHUDQk  or by calling (954) 249-5589
Proud Prevention Corporate Sponsors:   

LavaLeads - Get To Know Vic Talha by calling 954-234-1191 or Click The Link>http://goo.gl/D9DJ0c     
Advanced Medical Laboratories - Get To Know Dave (Reginald Jones) Click Link >http://goo.gl/4zuMJ7   or by calling 754-779-1830
Proud Community Partners:
Young People In Recovery - YPR is a national grassroots organization focused on peer-to-peer services for young people in, or seeking, recovery. Find a meeting in your area >http://goo.gl/6oBkQ9 
The Addict's Mom - To fulfill our vision of "Sharing without Shame," and our mission, The Addict's Mom has put forth an ambitious program, achieving the following in the past years. See More > http://goo.gl/iIEn08    
Faces and Voices Of Recovery  - They Mobilize and organize to raise the profile of the organized recovery community and help more people find recovery by demonstrating that over 23 million Americans from all walks of life have found recovery and promote widespread understanding that long-term recovery is a reality and a process that takes time and support. Learn More >http://goo.gl/YPdMN4     
The Association of Recovery Schools - Registered 501 (c) 3, nonprofit organization comprised of recovery high schools as well as associate members and individuals who support the integral growth of the recovery high school movement. Learn More >http://goo.gl/i5C13H     

Join The RIR Prevention Team - Become a sponsor or supporter Click Link >http://goo.gl/fawiRH . or call 954-826-4920

"What We Can't Do Alone, We Can Do Together" 
Lori Sullivan
President/ Co- Founder
RIR Corporate Office
Visit Us At - RockersInRecovery.org 


Music & Art Festival Lineup
RIR All-STAR BAND - MD: Lou Esposito
-(Joe Walsh, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry) 
Eliot Jacobs- (The Capris)
Greg Deppe- (Bruce Springsteen and Soul Cruisers) 
John Gianoulis- (Earl Slick Band and Felix Cavaliere)
Jeff Ganz- (Johnny Winter and Lou Reed Bands)


Ben Smith - (Heart)
David Shelley- (Cher ,Government Mule)
David Uosikkinen -(The Hooters)
Colin McGuinness -( Axl Rose, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Tommy Conwell - (Tommy Conwell & The Young Rumblers)
Jeff Ousley - (Heart)
More RIR Band Special Guest Rockin' Guests To Be Announced
The Few
Mrs. Chows Funhouse
Crush Band-Florida
McCartney Mania
Shotgun Sunset
Dave Shelley & Bluestone
Casey Montana Rogers & Friends - Recovery Unplugged
1) David K. Mineta -Deputy Director of Demand Reduction White House National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) - (Not Confirmed)
2) Ivette Torres - SAMHSA/CSAT - (Not Confirmed)
3) Kristen K. Harper, M.Ed., LCDC -Executive Director ARS (Confirmed)
4) Rob Vincent- RIR Director (Confirmed)
5) Susan & Rick Riccardi- Founders/Directors of The Fellowship Living (Confirmed)
6) Barbara Theodosiou - Founder The Addict's Mom (Confirmed)
7) Brittany Ringersen - Young People In Recovery (Confirmed)
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