Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Need a Recovery Coach?
With this April's class, more than 70 people have now been trained and certified by COA with the CCAR Recovery Coach curriculum. Recovery Coaches serve as personal guides and mentors to people seeking or already in long term recovery. They remove barriers & obstacles to recovery by connecting recoverees with resources, developing personalized wellness plans, monitoring progress and providing lots of encouragement. Coaches act as a compliment to counseling, 12-Step programs, spiritual pursuits, community activities and other recovery support systems.

To connect with a COA/CCAR Recovery Coach, click hereIf you are a COA/CCAR Recovery Coach grad and would like to be listed on this page, contact

Thank You To COA's Newest Sponsors!

As a non-profit organization, COA's mission is to be of service. We understand that addiction is a mental, physical and emotional disease that can leave lasting financial scars upon those it affects. Because of this, we never charge the families and individuals we work with, but rely upon donations and sponsors to meet our expenses.     
With more and more calls for help, those expenses are rising. 
But so is the assistance we are receiving from the Recovery Community. 

We are hugely grateful to our website advertisers, without whom we would not be able to continue to provide services in the way that we do. These advertisers represent many different types of facilities with a variety of programs, but all have one thing in common: they are committed to excellent care and support Recovery thru their partnership with COA as well as other community activities.
Please check out their websites and/or their appearances on COA Recovery Radio!
Addiction Treatment Services International (ATSI) is a new facility in Galloway, New Jersey.      
The Recovery Place is located in Florida -    
Footprints to Recovery is a new treatment center in Hamilton, New Jersey that offers some innovative programs such as career training thru a local business school, relapse prevention and 90-day covered stays. 

Compass Health is an outpatient facility in Princeton Junction. Genesis House is an inpatient rehab in Florida with a 20-year track record. 
To learn more about them, click here.
COA has relationships with many different treatment facilities - inpatient & outpatient, secular & faith-based, local and out-of-state. In fact, the facilities mentioned here represent only our newest sponsors! We can therefore refer people to the right facility for them, based on their individual needs. City of Angels NJ, Inc. remains an all-volunteer organization; while some of our volunteers are employed in the recovery field, none receive compensation for their work at COA. Furthermore, COA never receives fees from treatment facilities in return for referrals.
Golf Tourney at Ancient Order of Hibernians
The Ancient Order of Hibernians has recently selected COA to receive proceeds from their Annual Golf Tournament on Monday, August 4 at Yardley Country Club in Yardley, PA. This will be a wonderful opportunity for all of COA's golfing friends to help COA while they get in a round of golf. There is also a "luncheon only" participation, which is available for our COA non-golfer friends.
On COARR...Jobs in the Addiction Field
Let's Talk About Recovery!
The COARR archives have recently been expanded with show photos and links to resources. Catch up on your favorite shows and listen to episodes you missed!

COARR can be accessed via any Internet-enabled device - for the free smartphone app, visit your iphone or android store.

If you missed last week's "Women & Addiction" with guest host Tricia Abney from Addiction Jobs Board talking about jobs in the addiction field, the show is now in the COARR archive. This is a super-informative show that will benefit anyone who wants to work - or is currently working - in a rehab, treatment center, counseling facility, sober home or other recovery resource. To listen to the show, click here.
Also in the archive: Paul Ressler on "Saving Lives" with Redneck talking about New Jersey's Overdose Prevention Act. To listen to that show, click here.

Listen to past COARR shows any time:

For "Women & Addiction" with Terri Thomas, click here.

For "Hope Fiend" with Minister Rich Mollica, click here.

For "Emotional Sobriety" with Andy Finley MFT, click here.

For "Journey Thru the 12 Steps with the Life Recovery Bible," click here.

For "Share Your Scars" with Vicki, click here.

For "Wings Over Water: Creativity in Recovery" with recovery musician Kathy Moser,  click here.

For "Laughter & Recovery" with stand up comic Wil B. Kleen, click here.

For "Relationships in Recovery" with Alexa, click here.

For "Saving Lives" with COA Director of Interventions Tom Redneck Clark, click here.

For "Nar-Anon Families of Addiction Information Line" click here .
Saturday, June 21: COA Open House
This year, it's all about adjuncts: what are these tools, how do they work and how can (or should?) they be used? Come find out.
Come to the Dwier Center for a full afternoon of speakers talking about Narcan, Ibogaine and other medications, the Overdose Prevention Act and more. We'll also be showing THREE recovery films throughout the afternoon and serving light refreshments. COA Recovery Radio ( will be broadcasting live and many different groups & treatment centers will offer resources in our outdoor vendor park.  
For details, click here. To be a vendor (no charge), contact
Recovery Walk Update
We think Recovery should be available to everyone. It shouldn't only be for those with the best insurance. So we will work with anyone who reaches out to us, regardless of their treatment history, insurance status or other details. You can learn more about COA scholarships in the video below.

Our Recovery Walk on September 14, 2014 in Mercer County Park will support continued scholarships for recovery
This is what a COA scholarship can do
This is what a COA scholarship can do

Please click here for details and help us if you can. Make a donation, register to walk or run, share this link, and/or volunteer.

This will be an uplifting event with live music, vendors, food, testimonials from recoverees, live broadcast on COA Recovery Radio ( and much, much more!

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