Friday, May 23, 2014

Cassy Pink ‘s Creation
“I’m gonna die if I don’t start to live again.” Once rang like lightning through my heart. I came to recognize, the life I was living, was not the one I would have chosen for myself. Bon Jovi Lyrics tapped on my senses a second time with, “It’s my life, it’s now or never.”

My life, what did I want it to be? I looked to people who seem to be living the life I desired. What did I desire? I didn’t know but I did know the basics and that was a life where I was free to be myself and one where I could stand tall with how I lived and the decisions I made. I later realized the rest would unfold as I found strength and friendship in myself. Friendship may sound like a funny term to use when referring to oneself. Grace me, with a moment to clarify. When you have a true friendship/love for someone, you show them understanding and embrace all of what makes them who they are. How often do we grant ourselves this kindness and consideration? Truly no one is harder on us, than ourselves. Learning to accept ourselves as we actually are and not as we would like to believe we are is rough on the ego.
The more I pondered the more I realized the profoundness of recognizing the break between, who I would like to believe I am and the actions I actually take. I believe I am a person with a high moral code, but my actions have not always support my beliefs. It is most difficult to recover from letting yourself down let alone others. I actualized that there would continuously be a difference between who I would like to be and who I will be. My goal became to narrow the variation.
All emotions exist because we experience them. Think about that for a moment. It is because we are built to experience all ranges of emotion that we are incapable of pure innate altruism. Motive and experience will always play a role in our actions, conscience or not. For me out of this acknowledgement I began writing under Cassy Pink. I myself am faulted because I am human. Cassy Pink is the ultimate person I strive to become.
The concept of Cassy Pink is not simply about nobility but all of whom I desire to be the dancer, the artist as well as the fisher the philosopher, the nurturer and so on. Above all I seek peace in my heart, my mind and the actions I will take tomorrow. Cassy Pink is my Idyllic self. Who is yours?
Hearts, minds and muscles will forever take their share of bangs and bruises that is inevitable. The question is what will you take from your pushes and trips? Will you learn that they are needed steps on a ladder and grow from them or will you continue to keep restarting at the bottom of the ladder? It’s easier to keep our chins up and keep climbing the ladder when there is an abundance of support and positive guidance both when we struggle and when we are doing just fine. Religions and support groups have impact on the souls that seek them out because of their regular influence and consistency in what, as well as, the positivity they have to offer.
I believe that through simply making the choice to make noble choices; we can learn how to walk with our heads held high. Life is a wheel of fortune and circumstances always play their role and there are always unknown factors. The key is to make choices that you know you can live with. When circumstances fade your clarity, ask yourself, what is best choice for the greater good? It is easy to hold your head high when your conscience is free.
Walk Tall my friends! Cheryl

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