Monday, January 23, 2012

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine Detox

Although cocaine use does not cause a physical addiction, there is an initial period of detoxification that should be supervised by addiction treatment specialists. A cocaine or crack addict will initially feel intense, overpowering cravings for cocaine, and as such the detoxification is best done at a facility that limits the addict's access to the drug. The initial period of withdrawal can also cause aggressiveness, anxiety, and severe depression, and is best supervised by addiction treatment professionals, familiar with the process of cocaine, or crack detoxification.

Cocaine addiction treatment

Cocaine is one of the most powerful psychologically addictive substances known, and professional treatment is required to help an addict get off and stay off cocaine. The severity of the addiction will mandate how intensive the treatment program is, but most cocaine addicts will need to undergo an intensive and lengthy immersive therapeutic program.
Treatment for cocaine addiction will combine life skills and coping strategies courses, designed to help users take responsibility for their actions and responsibility for getting themselves into situations that make relapse likely; as well as peer support counseling and one-on-one counseling with an addiction treatment professional. Cocaine users often abuse other drugs with cocaine, and poly-drug treatment may be required.
Addicts need to learn how to live without cocaine, and develop the tools that will help them to resist the cravings that occur when triggered by situations and people, that in the past were associated with cocaine usage.
Without appropriate professional treatment, the odds of successfully quitting cocaine are small. Our treatment centers have successfully treated patients with cocaine addiction and we would like to hear from you if you or someone close to you has developed a problem with cocaine.

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