Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Anyone viewing this blog in any of the 50 U.S. states have the ability to help especially those who struggle in active addiction or are in sobriety.  Recovery Connections purpose is to build a super highway of resources for those still out there.  We need your stories about stays at treatment centers recovery houses,  also names locations phone numbers etc.  There is a lot of good places out there that offer help,  but there also places where you would never want to go again.  This is your opportunity to tell the world go here they helped, and don't go here it was hell!  Being in recovery myself I know how critical and difficult it can be just getting started in finding sanity and sobriety. Your knowledge and experiences in these places could mean the difference between life and death literally!  You can e-mail us or post a comment with the info you want to share!  If remaining anonymous is of the utmost importance then post comment,  if you want to tell the world then send e-mail our address is posted on cover page at top of blog.  This blog was created for you and our vision at Recovery Connections is to unite the recovery community through out the U.S. and then possibly overseas into the greater unknown.

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